The Heisen Guard by Malachy Friedman


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The Heisen Guard by Malachy Friedman
Discover a new and unique guard game that will add instant value to your BJJ
Learn brand new ways to sweep, submit, transition and much more from this side guard position
The Heisenguard can be applied by ANYONE with its simple configuration of the legs
Turn common frustrations from the guard in to offensive opportunities
The guard game is evolving at a rapid pace and as the modern day scientists of passing continue to devise their plans to dismantle our guards, we’ll need some new tricks to keep them at bay! The Heisenguard will provide you with a BRAND NEW PLATFORM TO CONFUSE AND TRAP THE GUARD PLAYER, adding a new and dangerous layer to your guard. With its unique configuration of the legs, ANYONE CAN QUICKLY BEGIN TO DISCOVER AND APPLY THE BENEFITS OF THE HEISENGUARD!
Malachy Friedman will be your guide on your journey into the world of the Hesienguard, where he’ll begin by showing you exactly how to set up the position. NO FLEXIBILITY IS NECESSARY TO GET INTO THIS CONFIGURATION! This is a position that anyone can travel to REGARDLESS OF SIZE, AGE, OR RANK! Once you're there, Friedman will connect the Heisenguard to all of your favorite techniques from the guard, such as the classic armbar, the triangle, a sneaky variation of the baratoplata, and so much more!
So, What's On This Series?
In 4 parts, Friedman will expose you to everything the Heisengaurd has to offer. He’ll provide you with multiple submissions, sweeps, and transitions, giving you A DETAILED MANUAL OF HOW THE HEISENGUARD FITS INTO YOUR EXISTING GUARD GAME. He’ll give you advice on how to use the Heisenguard in common scenarios. Have you ever been stuck trying to finish a triangle when your opponent postures up? Of course you have! WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE HOW THE HEISENGUARD TURNS THIS FREQUENT AND FRUSTRATING SCENARIO INTO AN OPPORTUNITY TO REVERSE YOUR OPPONENT!
From set up process to the finish, you’ll receive top level instruction from Freidman that will provide a DETAILED BLUEPRINT on how to implement this new and exciting guard directly into your existing game. You'll love the seamless transitions to other guards, slick submissions, and there's even a troubleshooting section to help you when you get stuck!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Closed Guard 
Flower Sweep 
Lapel Choke 
Lapel Sweep
Flower Counter
Flower Armbar 
Flower Sweep Lapel Armbar
Inverted Armbar 
Flower Triangle 
Flower Barataplata
Flower Sweep 
X Guard Sweep 
Tama Flower 
Tama Details 
Flower Heisen Guard 
Worm Lapelata Triangle 
Flower Worm Lapelata Mounted Armbar
Flower Worm Lapelata Mounted Reverse Triangle 
Reverse Flower Tilt Charge Up 
Reverse Flower Tilt Triangle 
Reverse Flower Tilt Inverted Armbar 
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