Reverse De La Riva Almanac 2018 Edition 2 DVD Set by Seph Smith


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Reverse De La Riva Almanac 2018 Edition 2 DVD Set by Seph Smith
Renowned instructor and competitor Joseph “Seph” Smith is an accomplished grappler and Ryan Hall’s first black belt. Professor Smith developed a very effective Reverse De la Riva guard system that renders his opponents guessing which direction they will be swept or if they are going to be submitted.
In this instructional DVD series, Professor Smith helps you build a solid understanding of how the half guard is the foundational structure of a well-rounded Reverse De la Riva game. Seph starts this instructional talking about and demonstrating concepts, theories, and tactics for an effective half guard. As you get deeper into this course, Seph takes you down the path of forcing your opponent into the RDLR and into his web of different traps. If you want to develop or refine your RDLR game this instructional is for you.
Technique List (Vol 1)
Half Guard Shell
Recovering The Shell
Marcelo Hook Sweep
Arm Drag | Crotch Lock | Rear Naked Choke
Arm Drag | Crotch Lock 2 | Rear Naked Choke
Defending Over Under Pass | Triangle
Twist Sweep
Back Roll Sweep | Kimura
Shaolin Lapel Sweep | Kneebar
Securing The Underhook
Knee Torque Sweep
Butterfly Hook Sweep
Half Guard Breakdown
Leg Shelf | Back Take
Drills Part 1
Technique List (Vol 2)
Half Guard Shell | Reverse De la Riva
Reverse De la Riva | Back Roll Sweep | Kimura
Reverse De la Riva | Modified X Guard | Technical Stand Up
Reverse De la Riva | 2-on-1 Grip | Scissor Sweep
Platform Arm Bar | Omoplata
Reverse De la Riva | Jedi Mind Trick | Leg Drag
Jedi Mind Trick | Twister Hook | Back Take
Reverse Half Guard Control
Reverse Half Guard | Leg Drag
Reverse De la Riva | Thumb Down Cup Grip
Spinning Under Opponent
Long Hook | Spinning Back Take
Long Hook | Spinning Back Take 2
Long Hook | Armbar
Long Hook | Berimbolo
Quick Low Single
Leg Drag Pass
Leg Drag Pass Counter
Leg Drag Pass Counter | Footlock
Reverse De la Riva | Twister Hook Back Take
Reverse De la Riva | Twister Hook Back Take 2
Drills Part 2
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