The Encyclopedia of Guard Retention by Lucas Valente


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The Encyclopedia of Guard Retention by Lucas Valente
Cover every principle and technique to maintain your guard, and counter ANY pass.
Lucas Valente provides the recipe to an impassable guard.
Learn body positioning and the 3 stations of grips and how to use them.
Lucas lets you in on his “X theory” a concept that can completely change how you think about guard retention.
Understand how to defeat passes like the Knee cut, Toreando, folding pass, double under pass, AND their major variations.
No need to be an Olympic level athlete to keep your guard, especially once you start to grasp Lucas’s retention strategies.
Guard retention has always been seen as one of the hardest things to teach and understand. Far too long guard retention has been a murky subject without any clear decisive strategies to actually keep your guard. Lucas shatters that misconception with The Encyclopedia Of Guard Retention.
The Encyclopedia Of Guard Retention is loaded 4-parts dedicated to stopping the guard pass. Once you can consistently thwart the guard passer you will find yourself in a more advantageous position ready to attack. Lucas dives deep on the details with each major pass and their variations. Regardless of how your opponent chooses to knee cut pass, you’ll be ready to stop and even counter it! Stop getting your guard passed!
Lucas covers his “X theory” in great length in The Encyclopedia Of Guard Retention. While this may seem like a complex position, ultimately it provides you with the core concepts that Lucas walks you through. He even teaches you how to apply his theory to both new school and old school passing techniques. On top of that Lucas covers 13 basic movements to ensure your body is in the right structure and position to accurately defend aggressive guard passers.
If you have been struggling to keep your guard, and are feeling defeated The Encyclopedia Of Guard Retention can help you out. Whether the guard passer is using pressure to smash you, or mobility to out flank you Lucas has the tips & tricks to keep you in the fight WITH your guard!
So, What's On This Series?
Part 1:
PART 1 - Introducing
Guard over view 
What is a guard pass
Guard retention rule of thumb 
Have a good guard 
Body position and 3 stations of grips 
Transitions within the 3 grips 
PART 2 - Over view of the x theory 
Concept x applied old school guards 
Concept x applied new school guards 
13 basic body moves for guard retention
Part 2:
PART 3 - Guard retention/recovery
Sit Up Guard 
Sit Up Guard 2 
Sit Up Guard 3 
Sit Up Guard 4 
Toreando Pass 1 
Toreando Pass 2 
Toreando Pass 3 
Toreando Pass 4 
Leg Drag Pass 
Leg Drag 2
Leg Drag 3
Part 3:
PART 4 - Knee Cut 1
Knee Cut 2 
Knee Cut 3 
Knee Cut 4 
Knee Cut 5 
Folding Pass 1 
Folding Pass 2 
Folding Pass 3 
Double Unders 1 
Double Unders 2 
Double Unders 3 
Double Unders 4 
Double Unders 5 
Double Unders 6
Part 4:
PART 5 - Over Under 1 
Over Under 2 
Over Under 3 
Crab Ride 1 
Crab Ride 2 
Crab Ride 3 
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