Geometrical Open Guard Passing by Jason Hunt


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Geometrical Open Guard Passing by Jason Hunt
Take the mathematical approach to guard passing with Jason Hunt
Employ basic geometric concepts to enhance your understanding of guard passing
Learn new guard passing drills to help sharpen your movements and reactions
Learn new ways to position your body to maximize your passing potential
Throwing caution to the wind and recklessly approaching the guard is a dying art in an age where more and more people are practicing BJJ. The days of doing back flips and sprinting around guards are over! We all need an approach that's based on SOUND MECHANICS AND PROPER BODY POSITIONING to get the most of our passing efforts! If you’re looking for an intelligent approach to guard passing, Jason Hunt is your man!
The evolution of the modern guard requires enhanced study of passing procedures and Jason Hunt has complied an INCREDIBLY INSIGHTFUL AND UNIQUE COLLECTION OF INSTRUCTION that will help you view guard passing through a much different lens than you may be used to. Using basic shapes as a platform for his instruction, Hunt will show you how you can put these concepts to work to ADD NEW AND EFFECTIVE LAYERS TO YOUR GUARD PASSING SKILL SET.
Start your journey with some incredible guard passing drills that you can add to your routine to INSTANTLY BEEF UP YOUR UNDERSTANDING OF MOVEMENT, ANGLES, AND BODY POSITIONING. As you progress through the 4 volumes of content you'll be briefed on ideas dealing with defense, and a myriad ways to STAY AHEAD OF YOUR TRAINING PARTNERS DURING THE GUARD PASSING EXCHANGE.
Hunt will show you the right time to get heavy, move, laterally, or cut straight through guard and all the factors that determine the proper guard passing path. You'll attack the De La Riva guard, work the double under pass, and even learn how to finish your opponent's at the completion of the guard pass. With world class instruction from Hunt, you’ll easily follow along, picking up CRITICAL DETAILS AND LOADS OF GOLD NUGGET CONCEPTS to help you become a sharper and more proficient guard passer!
So, What's On This Series?
Part 1:
Drills continue 
Body movement drills - Closing distance from toreando 
Staying ahead of the defense
Staying ahead of the defense part 2
Staying ahead if defense part 3
Part 2:
Pass to the finish
Attacking DLR 
Attacking DLR
Part 3:
Double under from DLR 
Double under from DLR part 2
Fake double under
Part 4:
Transitioning to stay ahead 
Geometry of jiu jitsu 
Knee staple 
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