The 50/50 Arm Passing System by Leo Vieira


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Jiu-Jitsu Legend Leo Vieira is here to show you how to pass the guard using his 50/50 Arm Passing System.
This No-Gi passing approach will help you lock down your opponent’s legs and leave them with little defense.
Leo systematically attacks the guard in a step-by-step process that stifles your opponent’s movement.
Good Guard players rely on movement and angles, Leo teaches you how to shut that down with the 50/50 Arm Passing System.
50/50 Arm Passing doesn’t require you to be agile or athletic! All you need is Leo’s help and you’ll be shutting down sophisticated guards before they even get started.
Leo Vieira is known for his aggressive passing style. If you tune into some of his classic matches from ADCC you will see he is hard to stop! High flying Cartwheel passes, lighting Fast Torreandos, and Knee slices were all HUGE parts of his game. Leo has taken his years of competition experience and crafted the 50/50 Arm Passing System which may be even stronger than his passing game from his ADCC title reigns.
What makes the 50/50 Arm Passing System so effective? Leo employs a step by step approach to put his opponent into the 50/50 passing position. This position involves tangling the legs of your opponent from a multitude of positions and then pressuring your way for the pass. This leg tangle stifles your opponent’s movement and only gives them a couple of options to react. Leo shows you how to exploit these reactions to secure the pass.
The 50/50 Arm Passing System allows you to generate immense pressure and forces your opponent to push back, in that moment Leo teaches you how to take advantage of their panic to secure the pass from today’s most used guards. When you hear pressure, don’t assume that you need to be big and strong. One major perk of getting into Leo’s passing system is that you can use your body to generate a great amount of pressure without having a size advantage over your opponent.
Once you start to understand the 50/50 Arm Passing System you will be able to find it from many of today’s most used guards including closed guard, half guard, and the scissor guard. Link your most effective passes with the 50/50 Arm Passing System, thanks to Jiu-Jitsu legend Leo Vieira you can!
So, What's On This Series?
Part 1:
Closed Guard to 50/50 Arm 
Standing Closed Guard to 50/50 Arm 
Knee Slice to 50/50 Arm 
Toreando / Open Guard to 50/50 Arm
Part 2:
Ankle Stack to 50/50 Arm 
Leg Pin to 50/50 Arm 
Half Guard to 50/50 Arm
Part 3:
Half Guard Hip Clinch to 50/50 Arm
Passing to Side Control from 50/50 Arm
50/50 Arm to Front Head Lock 
50/50 Arm to Seatbelt/Back Exposure
Part 4:
50/50 Arm against the Scissor Guard 
50/50 Arm to Double Throw By
50/50 Arm to North South 
50/50 Arm Vieira Smash Pass 
50/50 Arm to Ninja Pass 
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