The Grooviest 2 Points On The Planet with Flower Power by Malachy Friedman


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The Flower Sweep is a versatile technique that Malachy Friedman has mastered, and he's here to teach you the groovy details!
Not only is it a sweep, it's a complete attack strategy that will lead to armbars, chokes, barataplatas and more.
If you are looking for a technique that can lay a complete foundation for your guard game, Flower Power is what you need.
Friedman teaches strategies to trap your opponent in a way that doesn’t require intricate set ups, athleticism, OR flexibility.
Techniques like the Flower Heisen Guard blend two of Friedman’s strongest techniques!
Earn yourself The Grooviest 2 Points On The Planet with Flower Power by Malachy Friedman!
Sometimes less is more. Malachy points out early in this instructional that to have an effective guard you might only need a couple super sharp sweeps. Flower Power, not only, goes deep on the details of sweeping your opponent, but also how to secure fight ending submissions. What makes the flower sweep so efficient?
Many sweeps require some hefty set ups. The flower sweep benefits from a simple set up. Friedman demonstrates multiple ways to secure the sleeve, pivot the hips, and snag the leg. This simple, yet effective approach is what starts to give the flower sweep its power. Once you start to get the hang of getting into the flower sweep position, options will start to present themselves because your opponent won’t have much of a choice! This is where things start to get Groovy.
Friedman starts foundational flower sweep details, and then proceeds to lead you on a journey. Along the path you will add layers upon layers of offense to your flower sweep. First you will start to find simple chokes and armbars that will compliment your basic strategy very well. Once you get the hang of that Malachy starts to ramp things up as he starts to show inverted armbars, and attacks off of your opponent’s reaction. Your opponent will be FORCED to react. If you can tune into the frequency of the flower sweep you will be ready to capitalize on their reactions.
The flower sweep can be quick to set up, and hard to stop! Friedman will teach you how to counter their counters, and force mistakes. Flower Power gives you a shot at getting your guard going, even against bigger opponents. Whether you are a guard playing maestro, or an absolute beginner Malachy has some tricks up his sleeve to teach you!
So, What's On This Series?
Closed Guard 
Flower Sweep 
Lapel Choke 
Lapel Sweep 
Flower Counter 
Flower Armbar
Flower Sweep Lapel Armbar
Inverted Armbar 
Flower Triangle 
Flower Barataplata 
Flower Swede 
X Guard Sweep 
Tama Flower 
Tama Details 
Flower Heisen Guard 
Worm Lapelata Triangle 
Flower Worm Lapelata Mounted Armbar 
Flower Worm Lapelata Mounted Reverse Triangle 
Reverse Flower Tilt Charge Up 
Reverse Flower Tilt Triangle 
Reverse Flower Tilt Inverted Armbar 
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