Basics To Advanced The Half Butterfly Guard by Aaron Benzrihem


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Basics To Advanced The Half Butterfly Guard by Aaron Benzrihem
Learn The Ins And Outs To One Of The Most Unique And Versatile Positions In BJJ, The Half Butterfly Guard - Over 4 Hours Of Content Across 6 Volumes!
The Half Butterfly Is Easy To Implement And Works Well In Gi And No Gi - Stop Getting Smashed By People And Start Using Their Weight Against Them
With over 4 hours of segmented and sequential content across 6 volumes, this easy to implement instructional series will show you EVERYTHING you need to know to start playing The Half Butterfly Guard
Aaron shows several options to sweep, submit or transition using the half butterfly when you are getting completely smashed in the half guard
On this instructional you will find a COMPLETE road map that is laid out. Aaron is going to start by devoting the whole first volume to basics of control, concepts, movement, mobility and mechanics. This will lay the foundation so you are able to immediately implement
From there you will learn sweeps, passes that connect to the sweeps, back takes, submissions if the sweeps fail, transitions if both the submissions and sweeps fail and then discuss defensive concepts and common encounters
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