Butterfly Guard Beyond the Basics by Thomas Lisboa


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Dominate the open guard game using one of the most complete guides on the butterfly guard ever assembled with Thomas Lisboa
Sweep your opponents and training partners with incredible, high-level details
Respond with technical precision to the most common butterfly guard defenses
Learn amazing drills to create butterfly guard muscle memory and develop your skillset
The butterfly guard has become one of the most popular guard configurations in all of BJJ. With its open nature and VAST SET OF UTILITIES, the possibilities from this dynamic guard configuration are seemingly endless. Alliance black belt and competitive powerhouse Thomas Lisboa will start at the beginning and take you beyond the basics of this FORMIDABLE AND VERSATILE guard!
Lisboa will employ MASTERFUL, HIGH-LEVEL INSTRUCTION as he leads you through one of the most complete guides on the butterfly guard ever assembled. He’ll present you with DYNAMIC SWEEPING OPTIONS, methods to combat various passing positions, drilling sequences that will make your butterfly guard skills automatic, and much much more!
In the opening of the instructional, Lisboa will begin with laying the groundwork for the BASIC MECHANICS of the butterfly sweep and then delve into phenomenal details on the highest PERCENTAGE BUTTERFLY GUARD REVERSALS. As you progress through the first 2 volumes in the series, Lisboa will instruct you on how to counter COMMON REACTIONS to the butterfly sweep, such as posting the leg to regain balance and the hiding of the arm that's so critical to making the sweep work properly! You’ll even be treated to an inverted armbar option, adding a new layer of danger and versatility to your butterfly guard game!
A truly unique second half of the 4 volumes will find Lisboa instructing us on how to respond to different guard configurations using the butterfly guard, such as the deep half guard and the headquarters position. Even the guard pull and measures for dealing with the pressure pass will be addressed!
The instructional will close out with some phenomenal butterfly guard drills that you can use to CREATE BUTTERFLY GUARD MUSCLE MEMORY and make sure your butterfly guard is firing on all cylinders at all times!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Part 1 - Butterfly Sweep Basics
Butterfly Over Head Sweep 
Sweeping The Leg Far Away 
Butterfly Sweep Vs Back Take 
Inverted Arm Bar 
Switching Sides Hook Sweep
Butterfly Sweep Vs When The Opponent Hides His Arm
Butterfly Pant Grip Sweep 
Part 2 - Butterfly Over Hook Grip Sweep
Butterfly Over Hook Grip Vs Leg Posted 
Butterfly Vs Omoplata 
Butterfly Over Hook Grip Vs When The Opponent Hides His Arm 
Butterfly Over Hook Grip Vs Pant Grip Sweep
Part 2:
Part 3 - Butterfly Vs Knee Shield 
Butterfly Belt Grip Sweep Vs Half Guard 
Butterfly Over Hook Vs Half Guard Vs Sprawl 
Half Guard Bridge Escape Vs Hook Sweep 
Butterfly Vs Switch Base Half Guard
Part 3:
Part 4 - Double Under Concepts 
Butterfly Collar Grip Sweep
Butterfly Cross Collar Grip Sweep 
Collar Drag 
Butterfly Sweep Grabbing The Belt
Part 4:
Part 5 - Butterfly Vs Deep Half Guard 
Butterfly Vs Pressure Pass 
Butterfly Vs Headquarters Position 
Closed Guard Vs Butterfly Sweep 
Butterfly Vs Guard Pull 
Part 6 - Butterfly Solo Drills 
Basic Butterfly Sweep Drill 
Butterfly Vs 1 Leg Up Drill 
Butterfly Vs Closed Guard Drill 
Butterfly Vs Knee Shield Drill  
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