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Use Neil’s unique approach to the cradle to smash your opponent and leave them vulnerable for attack, in both Jiu-Jitsu and MMA!
Learn how to use wrestling cradles in a way that involves both wrestling and grappling. Neil bridges the gap!
Learn “The Bunch” to transition between nearside and farside cradles for double the options.
Have trouble with securing passes? Neil uses the cradle to stifle the guard and set up passes and secure submissions.
Get a grip and make it one your opponent won’t forget, with Cradle Of Filth by Neil Melanson!
Become more dangerous from everywhere
Neil Melanson is known for his brutal no-nonsense approach to combat. This is why MMA greats like Randy Couture and Chael Sonnen went to Neil for tips on how to be even MORE brutal on the mat. Cradle Of Filth is Neil’s latest entry into his catalog of pain, and it’s a can’t-miss.
No-Gi grappling can become frustrating for many athletes because sometimes it feels like you can’t get a good hold on your opponent. The trickier the guard, the harder it is to pass. This is especially true when there isn’t a gi involved. Using the cradle in a way that is different than a wrestling approach is a great way to shut down the guard, and lead you to a more dominant position. Once you start to understand the controlling mechanisms you will find plenty of options to transition from the cradle directly into a submission.
Cradle Of Filth, starts off by teaching the essential concept of “The Bunch”. This unique cradle involves using the near side cradle and your free near-side leg to step over and lock on The Bunch. This position keeps most of your weight centered in the sweet spot on your opponent, totally shutting down any hope for defense. From here you have multiple options including mount transitions, back takes, and of course, Melanson approved submissions like Butcher and The Boa!
Neil looks to give you more than a few top-tier techniques. With Cradle Of Filth Neil looks to give you a systematic approach to shutting down your opponent’s offense, pass the guard, and find the submission. Using Neil’s style of cradle doesn’t require you to be a world-class athlete, all you need to do is get your hands locked!
So, What Do You Get?
Part 1:
Introduction to Near Side Cradle, Far Side Cradle, & transitioning between the two using ‘The Bunch’ 
Using ‘The Bunch’ to obtain Mount 
Near Side Cradle to Darce 
Near Side Cradle to Mizzou Choke 
Near Side Cradle to ‘El Japo’ 
Near Side Cradle to Anaconda 
Near Side Cradle to Dorsal Lock 
Near Side Cradle to ‘The Turk’
Part 2:
The Butcher Shop
Butcher ship style cradle (butcher shop, arm triangle, Von Flu, Kimura , Sankaku) 
Cow Catcher Back Take
Boa Head & Arm 
Using the Cradle to Enter your opponents legs
Part 3:
Near side cradle against Butterfly guard
Using cradles to pass butterfly and enter the legs
Bottom Side Cradle to North South Choke
The Shawshank Spine Lock 
The Hand Gun 
The Near Side Cradle to Butcher Shoppe
The Cradle Hip Lock 
The Cradle Americana
Triangle from Cradle 
Top Side Arm Crank
Part 4:
Switch Darce From Top Side Cradle 
Reverse Nelson from top cradle 
Reverse Triangle from Top Side Cradle 
Hookless Neck Crank and RNC from Top Sode Cradle
Top Side Cradle to Back Mount 
Chaining the Top Side Cradle with the guillotine 
Knee Bar from Top Cradle 
The Hobbler Toehold 
Armbar from Top Side Cradle 
Modified Twister from Top Side Cradle 
Entering the Cradle from front head lock 
Cradle Roll Through 
Butt Drag
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