Effortless Guard Passing by Octavio Couto


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Benefit from Octavio Couto’s decades of focused study and BJJ experience
Pass the guard with greater ease using sound mechanics and superior body positioning
Discover how to use the guard players centerline as a reference point in your passing exchanges
Expend less energy and spend less time fighting to dismantle your training partner’s guard game
As we age, and our ability to apply strength, speed, and explosiveness to our BJJ exchanges dwindles it becomes even more important that we begin to focus more heavily on BODY MECHANICS, LEVERAGE, AND WHERE TO POSITION OUR BODYWEIGHT. Turning our attention to these themes will provide us with more opportunities to pass the guard, using less energy and GET RID OF WASTED MOVEMENT THAT DOESN'T SERVE US during the passing portions of our training.
There are certain mysterious, SEEMINGLY INVISIBLE CONCEPTS that can make your passing endeavors much more manageable. These concepts are made much clearer through the instruction of BJJ legends like Octavio Couto. Through decades of experience and focused study, Couto has developed a passing blueprint that employs sound mechanics and superior body position to PASS THE GUARD WITH GREATER EASE AND EFFICIENCY. No speed, athleticism, or strength is required here. This is a guide to passing while expending less energy so you can GET TO DOMINANT POSITIONS QUICKLY AND GET TO WORK!
You'll experience Couto’s unique take on themes such as centerline awareness, proper movement, and receive experienced instruction on a handful of passes you already know, but with DETAIL WORK YOU'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. You'll touch on submitting as you complete the guard pass with arm bars and even learn to USE YOUR OPPONENT’S OWN ATTACKS AGAINST THEM DURING THE EXCHANGES!
The depth of Couto’s experience is quickly apparent in these 4 volumes as he delves into some common passing procedures with his EXCEPTIONAL DETAIL. He covers the most common guards that we all deal with, such as the De La Riva guard, the spider guard, and the butterfly guard, and demonstrates how to SYSTEMATICALLY DISMANTLE THEM WITH OLD SCHOOL KNOWLEDGE AND SCIENTIFIC EFFICIENCY. You'll also be treated to some wise words on the history and influence of Brazilian jiu-jitsu through one of its most dedicated and seasoned practitioners!
So, What Do You Get?
Part 1:
How to properly move 
Awareness of your opponents centerline 
Professor Cuoto’s passing concept
Double Sleeve to arm bar 
Knee slide pass & Kimura
Part 2:
Using your opponents Armbar attack to pass his guard 
Passing against the scissor sweep & flower sweep 
Back Step Pass
Awareness Of Your Opponent's Centerline
Part 3:
Passing half guard
De la Riva Pass into Armbar 
180 Degree Spider Guard Pass into Kimura 
Double under Pass
Troubleshooting the double under 
Butterfly Backstep
Part 4:
Professor Couto on the history and influence of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
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