Old School Concepts For Attacking Modern Guards by Amaury Bitetti


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Learn old school techniques to deconstruct modern guard games with Amaury Bitetti
Uncover hidden gems from the depths of one of the most legendary games in all of BJJ
Use drilling concepts to insulate your guard passing approach and create new efficiency within your movement
Deconstruct the spider guard, the lasso, worm guard, and so much more with some of the most battle tested passing sequences in the game
When we talk about the “old school” of BJJ, there is an entire group of practitioners that were winning world titles and developing this art we love so much, before many of us were even born. Sacrificing their bodies in the early days of MMA and PROVING JIU-JITSU’S WORTH THROUGH ANY MEANS NECESSARY, these pioneers paved the way for BJJ and its subsequent popularity and success. Amaury Bitetti is one of the true legends of BJJ and he's opening the vault, to give us an inside look at his passing game, BUILT ON DECADES OF EXPERIENCE!
The modern guards of BJJ can be nightmarish. As the game evolves and the methods of attacking from the guard become more and more frustrating, we must be CONSTANTLY INCREASING OUR PASSING PROFICIENCY. This is where Amaury Bitetti comes in. With decades of experience, Bitetti has seen and witnessed every possible guard configuration that we can imagine. He’s compiled one of the most COMPLETE, OLD SCHOOL GUIDES TO PASSING that includes instruction on how to deal with even the most maddening guards in BJJ today.
You'll start with some drills to increase the efficiency of your guard passing movement and then begin working from the closed guard. You'll even get some wristlock guidance and ways to SUBMIT FROM INSIDE THE CLOSED GUARD! From here, you’ll graduate to passing all of the most highly utilized guards in the game, including butterfly guard, spider guard, lasso guard, and so much more!
You'll be using brutal submissions to counter guards and make your training partners think twice before they try to engage you with anything too fancy! In 4 dense volumes of contact Bitetti will provide you with answers and solutions to all of the modern problems we encounter, using incredibly effective old school tools that ANYONE can easily recruit into their own unique game!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Guard Pass Drills
Drill 1 
Drill 2 
Drill 3 
Drill 4 
Passing Closed Guard 
Guard pass on the knees controlling Sleeve and Pants 
Guard Pass on the knees controlling Sleeve and Pants to Straight Foot Lock 
Guard Pass Standing controlling sleeve and pants ending with arm bar 
Wrist Lock inside Closed Guard 
Americana inside Closed Guard 
Lapel Single Leg Defense
Part 2:
Passing Butterfly Guard 
Breaking the Cross Grip And Passing The Guard
Breaking the Straight Grip And Passing The Guard
Wrist lock when opponent makes grip on Collar 
Guard Pass Stepping on the Feet 
Guard pass with Submission on Neck
Passing De La Riva Guard 
Berimbolo Defense going to Mount and submitting 
De La Riva Guard Pass Submitting with Arm Bar or Triangle 
Guard pass “De Letra” 
Deep De La Riva Guard Pass Submitting with Toe Hold or reverse arm triangle 
Passing Spider Guard 
Spider Guard Pass With Both Feet On Biceps Submitting with Arm Bar
Spider Guard Pass With One Foot on Hip 
Spider Guard Pass Submitting with Omoplata
Part 3:
Passing Lasso Guard 
Sequence of Submissions (heel hook, spinal lock and reverse americana) 
Details of Lasso Guard Pass and how to stay Heavy on Side Control 
How to Kill Modern Lasso Guard Hooks 
Passing Lapel Guard 
Defending the Worm Guard Using My Opponent's Lapel 
Lapel Single Leg Defense 
Lapel defense on the same side ending with Crucifix on the Back 
Passing Half Guard 
Knee Shield Half Guard Pass 
Half Guard Pass when opponent tries to control the hip 
“What time is it?” Choke 
Preventing the Deep Half Guard with Arm bar, Guard Pass and Take the Back
Part 4:
Passing Modern Guards 
X Guard Pass 
One Leg X Pass 1 
One Leg X Pass 2 
Outside Ashi Pass 
Toe Hold, Calf Lock and 50/50 Pass 
Killing the Berimbolo 
Improving Your Guard Passing Base
Classic Open Guard Pass
Important details to pass the Guard Closed Standing
BONUS TECHNIQUE: Amaury Bitetti's Favorite Takedown 
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