Mastering The Knee Weave System by Kyle Watson


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Use Kyle’s unique passing hub to get to the 3 most dominant positions in Jiu-Jitsu, the mount, the back, and side control!
If you are looking for a surefire way to out position your opponent and keep control throughout the pass, Mastering The Knee Weave System is for you.
The Knee Weave System is a unique passing approach that puts your opponent into a checkmate position where they are forced to give up the pass.
The Knee Weave System can be used to stifle some of Jiu-Jitsu’s trickiest guards.
As a bonus learn how to utilize The Knee Weave System from the bottom. You can sweep directly into the pass using this dominant passing system!
When you attempt to pass the guard of someone who is more experienced than you it can feel like trying to hold onto water. A tricky guard player can make it feel like you are simultaneously slipping on ice while caught in a spider web. 3rd-degree black belt and The Ultimate Fighter Season 12 vet, Kyle Watson is here to change that with his instructional, Mastering The Knee Weave System!
The Knee Weave System gives you a surefire way to attach to your opponent in a way that gives you an advantageous position to out pummel your opponent with your legs. Using this system makes it very difficult for your opponent to successfully launch an effective guard against you. On top of that once you get into The Knee Weave your opponent’s ability to retain their guard is not possible. Oftentimes you’ll find your opponent reacting in a way that allows you to take their back!
Mastering The Knee Weave System is broken into 4 parts. Kyle starts off by teaching the main passes available from the Knee Weave. You will learn to look at the Knee Weave as the last stop hub in a 3 phase series. The first phase involves entering into the Knee Weave, choosing your pass, and reacting to their defense. This limits the number of variables you will have to deal with as the passer.
Once you understand the main passes, you will start to develop reactions based on your opponent’s attempt at defense. The Knee Weave System leaves you able to be one step ahead at all times. The trick is getting there!
Parts 2 and 3 are designed to give you entries from Jiu-Jitsu’s trickiest guards. Counter De La Riva, Half Guard, and even Butterfly Guard and leave the guard player helpless once you latch onto them with the Knee Weave! After getting the hang of the Knee Weave approach you will be looking for it from the top while you pass, as well as from the bottom when you sweep. Kyle shows entries into the Knee Weave directly off of numerous half guard sweeps.
To further your development of passing prowess and attacks, Mastering The Knee Weave System wraps up with Kyle’s favorite submissions and drills from the Knee Weave. Kyle’s drills are geared towards sharpening your reactions to keep you a step ahead when your opponent attempts to scramble out of your pass. The keyword here is attempt!
So, What Exactly Is On This Series?
Part 1:
Positional details 
Standard Pass to Mount 
Rewind Pass to Rear Mount 
Leg Stretch Knee Cut to Side Control 
Open Leg Knee Cut to Side Control
Part 2:
Takedown Entries 
Collar Drag / Arm Drag 
Single Leg Takedown 
Snap Down Cradle 
Entries from Half Guard (Top) 
Side Switch 
Entries from De la Riva (Top)
Side Smash-Knee Cut 
Leg Drag
Single Leg Takedown
Part 3:
Entries from Reverse De la Riva (Top) 
Entries from Open Guard/Butterfly (Top) 
Entries from Half Guard (Bottom)
Knee Tap, Handshake Sweep & Backstep Counter 
Deep Half Guard (Bottom) 
Backdoor Sweep & Bad Position Escapes 
Entries from De la Riva (Bottom) 
Sit-up Guard & De la X Sweeps
Part 4:
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