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Learn innovative guard passing sequences from jiu-jitsu’s most unorthodox and controversial figure, Jeff Glover
Recruit fresh and ingenious passing themes into your top game toolbox that will catch your training partners and opponents off guard
Think outside the box with unique methods that will teach you to dismantle common guards like the half guard, closed guard, seated guard, and more
Regardless of your rank, you will find principles and concepts in Glover’s teaching that will immediately add value to your knowledge of guard passing
Join the most controversial and unique BJJ practitioner on the planet, Jeff Glover, for a guard passing tutorial that's UNLIKE ANY INSTRUCTION AVAILABLE. As a 3rd degree BJJ black belt and jiu-jitsu innovator, Glover will help you STRENGTHEN YOUR ALL-AROUND PASSING GAME with his most relied upon passing techniques. He’ll address a variety of guards and provide you with the tools to pass with efficiency and a little flashiness for good measure!
The guard pass is often the GATEWAY TO VICTORY. With the hips, knees, and feet safely in your rearview mirror, you can begin to positionally dominate and finish the fight. This makes guard passing of the utmost importance to practitioners at ANY STAGE of their BJJ journey! In this series Glover will walk you through some of his favorite guard passing sequences that have brought him the most success in his illustrious career as a BJJ competitor.
In three exciting volumes of content, Glover will open your eyes to some PASSING PATHWAYS YOU NEVER KNEW EXISTED. You'll start with some open guard concepts and some interesting and DECEPTIVE SETUPS that address common guards such as the butterfly guard, the open guard, and the half guard. You'll then progress to some incredible guard recovery options that will help you RETURN TO SAFETY FROM SEEMINGLY BAD POSITIONS and reestablish the guard. You'll be instructed on multiple knee slice variations and even launch an armbar attack that pairs perfectly with the guard pass. Round out your instructional experience with Glover, learning some methods to dismantle the knee shield and passing with a double under variation that will change the way you use this common pass forever!
There is no way to skip guard passing in your BJJ study. It's an essential skill set that must be constantly practiced, reviewed, and adapted to the changing atmosphere of BJJ! Glover is at the forefront of modern passing themes and concepts. His experience and approach lends itself to an unconventional, yet applicable style of passing that will add another intelligent layer to your guard passing pedigree!
So, What Exactly Is On This Series?
Part 1:
Basic Open Guard Concepts 
Knee slice from failed Armbar
Passing Butterfly Guard by underhooking the leg 
Passing half guard head and arm left vs right 
Knee slice from half guard using double unders and front headlock 
False Knee slice 
Passing With Double Unders
Part 2:
Half Guard Recovery from mount 
Butterfly guard Recovery from mount 
1/4 guard recovery from mount 
Knee slice through Closed Guard 
Knee Slice from failed back take 
Knee slice from back step
Part 3:
Passing seated guard
Passing Seated Guard option 2 
Passing to the Future Armbar 
Passing the Knee Shield 
Passing the knee Shield with Arm Weave 
Over under pass against knee shield 
Passing with double unders 
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