The Knee Cut Roadmap by Josh McKinney


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Josh McKinney is a BJJ black belt and 20X IBJJF GOLD MEDALIST
Pass 90% of the guards in BJJ using just one highly effective knee cut passing system
Beginners and high ranks alike will enjoy incredible guidance on the most highly utilized guard pass in BJJ
Discover entries to the knee cut from EVERYWHERE that you can immediately put to use in your everyday passing exchanges
With The Knee Cut Road Map, you’ll be treated to a comprehensive knee cut system of passing developed by 20X IBJJF gold medalist and BJJ black belt Josh McKinney, so that you can develop a truly SYSTEMIZED PLAN for implementing one of the most important guard passes in all of BJJ. McKinney will show you how you can approach a multitude of BJJ’s most popular guards, such as the half guard, sit up guard, closed guard, and even the rubber guard, dismantling them with EXPERT LEVEL DETAILS and razor-sharp technique.
The knee cut is likely the MOST UTILIZED guard pass in the sport of BJJ. It can be applied to almost any guard passing scenario and with dozens of modifications it can be tailored to suit the needs of every guard passer, FROM BEGINNERS TO THE MOST EXPERIENCED BLACK BELTS. It's time to add considerable value to your knee cut game with a road map that will help you navigate the waters of this critical and highly effective form of guard passing!
You'll begin by setting up the pass and working through some of McKinney’s CRITICAL CONCEPTS as well as dealing with some of the MOST COMMON REACTIONS to the knee cut, such as under-hooking attempts at the arm and the leg. You'll be instructed on how to deal with being off-balanced during the pass and what to do when the bottom player starts posting and trying to acquire grips. As you progress into the later parts of the series, McKinney will hit you with MULTIPLE ENTRIES to the knee cut from several guards, like the De La Riva, rubber guard, half guard, sit up guard and more! And wait until you see how McKinney addresses one of the most common inquiries in jiu-jitsu, “how do I pass the knee shield”?
The knee cut pass is an absolute necessity to your passing toolbox. With such a vast network of entries, transitions, and uses, this is not a skill set that can be skipped. McKinney has provided a way to use the knee cut in the most efficient fashion by systemizing the pass and creating a roadmap for how it is used in response to the most popular and formidable bottom games in the sport. Don't miss this unique opportunity to learn battle-tested knee cut techniques from highly experienced decorated BJJ black belt!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Open and Far Concept 
Stacking, Splitting and Stapling
Basic Finish to the Knee Cut 
Dealing with the Leg Under hook 
Dealing with the Arm Under hook 
Dealing with posting hand control 
Dealing with the off Balance 
Positional Paradox
Part 2:
Start of Entries
Closed and Rubber Guard
Butterfly Entries 
Knee Shield Entry 
Entry from half guard with under hook and Reverse de la Riva 
Entries from de la riva
Part 3:
Seated guard and shin to shin entries 
Bonus Passes 
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