The Sit Up Guard by Daniel Gazoni


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Learn high percentage attacks and sweeps that will add a new layer of skill and danger to your sit up guard with BJJ black belt instructor Daniel Gazoni
Use sit up guard techniques that will serve the BJJ beginner and black belts alike
Funnel your opponents into some of the most unique submission traps available from the sit up guard like the omoplata, and the loop choke
Navigate this exciting guard with coveted positional details from a seasoned veteran instructor and 4th Degree BJJ black belt
Whether you’re looking to polish your sit up guard or learn the position for the very first time this is the perfect library of content to get you started or continue your study. Daniel Gazoni will be your guide as he shares with you some of the most INTELLIGENT REVERSALS, TRANSITIONS, AND SUBMISSIONS that the sit up guard has to offer. He’ll show you exactly how to set up, create angles, and approach the guard passer, to help you navigate the waters of the sit up guard with EFFICIENCY AND EFFECTIVENESS!
The sit up guard is one of the most popular and frequently implemented guards in all of BJJ! It provides us with an arsenal of EXCITING OPTIONS TO REVERSE, TRANSITION, AND ATTACK our opponents and training partners using its open nature and its extensive set of BJJ tools! The sit up guard CONNECTS SEAMLESSLY to many of your favorite positions and with good knowledge of the position you can create a dangerous funnel for your training partners and opponents!
As you progress through the series you'll be treated to some FANTASTIC TRANSITIONS, arm drag options, and some INNOVATIVE REVERSALS that you can quickly add to your arsenal. Get started with ONE OF THE MOST BRUTAL CHOKES IN EXISTENCE, the loop choke. Gazoni will reveal the mechanics of this devastating submission, shedding new light on the technique and he’ll even pair it with a sweep to add an increased level of danger to the submission! You'll even get a look at the Gazoni gator roll and the Gazoni necktie to round out your study of the sit up guard in this illuminating series!
The sit up guard is as versatile as it is effective. Gazoni has laid out some of the absolute best and most high percentage options that the position has to offer in an easy to follow format that will have you chomping at the bit to get to the academy and start experimenting. Don't miss out on this rare opportunity to learn from one of the most knowledgeable and revered instructors in BJJ!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Loop Choke 
Sweep to Loop Choke 
Sweep to Pass 
Sweep to Omoplata 
Arm Drag with Variation 
Arm Drag to X-Guard 
Arm Drag to X Guard Variation 
Arm Drag to Back Take 
Butterfly Sweep
Gazoni Gator Roll 
Gazoni Neck Tie
Butterfly Approach Gripping
Loop Choke
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