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Learn how to utilize your time off the mat to recover and regenerate with Peter’s unique exercises for health like his feather breathing method.
Peter takes complex scientifically proven methods, and breaks them down into simple, easy to follow routines that will give you mastery over your cardio!
Peter Lakatos has a proven method to increase your endurance through breathing exercises that will directly impact your ability on the mat.
Breathe Recover and Regenerate goes WAY beyond on the mat performance.
Rewire how you breathe and see results ON and OFF the mat!
Peter Lakatos is well versed in the Buteyko breathing method which focuses on efficient breathing habits. Breathe Recover and Regenerate focuses on bridging the gap between applying efficient breathing practices to increase your capabilities on the mat. Peter has a unique perspective because he is also a BJJ Black Belt.
Have you ever found yourself exerting too much energy on the mat? It could be because you are overmatched and your opponent is really pushing the pace, or maybe you are relying on too much strength. Whatever the reason, you definitely aren’t alone. Learning the techniques of Jiu-Jitsu requires so much focus and attention to detail, passing over how to effectively breathe during a roll is easy to do. Peter gives you an easy to follow routine that takes the complexities out of the equation.
Breathe Recover and Regenerate starts off by giving you a brief look at the science behind breathing. Peter is able to provide a unique insight into this because of his vast array of experiences. While you don’t necessarily need/want to know about hemoglobin, Peter explains things in an easy to understand manner that leaves you with a firm grasp of the overall concept of what you are trying to achieve.
Breathe Recover and Regenerate breaks everything into two categories, exercises for health and exercises for performance. Exercises for health focus on giving you breathing methods you can practice from the comfort of home that will help you keep your nasal passage open, and keep you relaxed for a good night of recovery. This is also where Peter introduces the concept of Feather Breathing.
Jiu-Jitsu requires a specific type of energy that is hard to replicate by running on a treadmill. The exercises for the performance section provide numerous routines that will directly translate to on the mat performance. Here Peter includes some of his favorite breathing hacks that will push your cardio into overdrive!
What Do You Get?
Volume 1:
Breathing Science 
Exercises for Health 
The Bolt Score
Nose Unblocking 
5/10 Breathing 
Feather Breathing
Volume 2:
Cadence Breathing
Using Tape
Breathing For Performance 
Exercises for Perfomance
Maximum Breathlessness Test 
Preparation For High Altitude Simulation 
Breathing Hacks 
Exercises Cat/Camel 
Exercises Crocodile Breathing
Exercises 90/90 Three Month 
Exercises Cobra 
Exercises Inverted Position
Breathing For Intensity
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