I Got Your Back: Back Takes And Finishes From Everywhere by Matheus Gonzaga


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Learn to take the back and finish from EVERYWHERE with rising BJJ star, Matheus Gonzaga
Discover elite level methods to take the back and finish that aren’t on your radar yet
Enjoy technical concepts from the back that can be applied by anyone from white to black belt
Experience a full spectrum of back tools that include acquisition, maintenance, and the finish
The back is the most coveted position in all of BJJ. Those that learn its secrets of acquisition, maintenance, and finishing are some of the most successful players on the mat. At the highest levels we see the back in many cases as a GAME OVER position. Once it's been captured, it's often only a matter of time before the opposing party succumbs to its submissions. But there is a very SPECIAL FORMULA that starts with the back take and sets us up for success during the rest of the process. BJJ black belt technician, Matheus Gonzaga, is here to provide you with these VITAL BLUEPRINTS so that you can begin dominating the back exchange!
Whether you’re at the beginning of your BJJ journey or a seasoned balck belt, there is content here that will suit your needs. With a MODERN FRESH APPROACH to attacking the back, Gonzaga has compiled a list of the most effective ways to control and utilize submissions from this INCREDIBLY VERSATILE AND DANGEROUS position.
In 4 extensive volumes, Gonzaga will wow you with his technical prowess and formidable skillset. You'll start with all things maintenance so that you can understand fully how to keep the position and AVOID COMMON PITFALLS. Moving forward into the second volume, you'll start using high percentage concepts to take the back through avenues like spider guard, butterfly guard, and De La RIva guard. You'll even be treated to pathways to the back from closed guard, half guard, open guard, the turtle and much more!
You’ll round out your instruction with some AMAZING SUBMISSION OPTIONS to help you close the door on your training partners and opponents and secure the victory. You'll get details on some of the most high percentage submissions from the back such as the bow and arrow and the clock choke, so you can quickly raise your finishing percentage and end matches with efficiency!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
How to Secure the back Concepts 
Back Maintenance
Countering The Arm Trap Roll from Turtle 
Countering The Arm Trap Roll from Turtle part 2 
Countering guard recovery from Turtle
Back Maintenance when one hook is lost part 1 
Mount Transition from Failed Back Maintenance 
Back Maintenance when one hook is lost part 2
Part 2:
Back takes when Passing Open Guard 
Taking the Back From Spider Guard 
Taking the Back from De La Riva 
Taking the back from Butterfly Guard 
Taking the back from Double Unders 
Turtle Position
Back Take using Cross Collar Grip and opening the Elbow 
Back Take using Cross Collar Grip and Kuzushi
Back Take using cross collar and Achilles crush 
Back Take From Back Step Counter
Part 3:
Closed Guard
Back Take using Two on One grip
Behind the Back Lapel Pass 
Fake hip Sweep to back take 
Open Guard 
Using two on one from Butterfly Guard 
Back take from De La Riva 
Back take from Single Leg X 
Kiss of the Dragon 
Half Guard Bottom
Lapel Pass Back take
Waiter Sweep Back Take 
Back take from Back step Counter
Part 4:
Half Guard Top 
Berimbolo from Inverted Half Guard
Deep Half Back take
Deep Half Back take variation 
Kata Gatame from back escape 
Bow and Arrow
Clock Choke Option from Bow and Arrow Setup 
Armbar from Kimura Trap 
Setting up Rear Naked Choke 
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