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Learn the best-kept secrets of BJJ’s most frustrating guard with Jonnatas Gracie
Reverse, submit, and transition with high-level technique and masterful lasso guard details
Understand how to properly set up the lasso guard and avoid common pitfalls of the position
Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned vet, discover crucial details that will add incredible depth to your guard game
The lasso guard is an absolute nightmare for those on the other end of it if applied properly to the guard exchange. The off-balancing properties are unlike any other guard and the MULTITUDE OF ATTACKS that can be launched from simply weaving the leg around our opponent’s arm are staggering. The lasso can be paired beautifully with other guards to become even more effective, making it a TRULY VERSATILE ATTACKING PLATFORM. If you haven't experienced the many utilities of this incredible guard configuration, it's time you get a one on one guided tour to all things lasso guard with Jonnatas Gracie!
Gracie will guide you through the details of the setup process and then delve deep into the world of the lasso guard, outlining several methods to REVERSE, TRANSITION, AND SUBMIT YOUR OPPONENTS and training partners. He’ll reveal critical components of the lasso that you thought you knew, and help you dramatically increase your understanding of how this technical and constricting guard can be applied successfully to your battles with even the savviest top players.
You’ll enjoy 4 detail-oriented volumes of information in this series, beginning with guidance on the different ways to establish the lasso guard. From there, Gracie will begin revealing some of the most common sweeps with NEXT LEVEL DETAILS, like the fish hook sweep, the spider sweep, and much much more! You'll then begin adding some De La Riva components to your lasso to create even more DANGEROUS LAYERS to the guard.
In the later half of the four volumes the reversals continue to flow from Gracie as he adds the single leg x, tornado sweep, and even more variations to help us turn over the guard passer with LASSO DOMINANCE. You’ll close out your instruction with multiple submission attacks including the omoplata, the armbar, and the triangle, all masterfully set up and launched from this incredibly dynamic platform.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
How to play Lasso Guard and Concepts 
Lasso Sweep with Pant grip
Spider Lasso Sweep
Fish Hook Sweep from Lasso 
Sumi Gaeshi from Lasso 
Sumi Gaeshi From Lasso Variation 
Sumi gaeshi variation number
Part 2:
Lasso sweep from inverted de la riva 
Lasso de la riva sweep 
Inverted lasso sweep 
Arm drag from lasso guard 
De la riva lasso sweep on standing opponent 
De la riva lasso sweep on standing opponent Variation 
Sumi gaeshi from lasso on standing opponent
Sumi gaeshi from lasso on standing opponent Variation with back take
Part 3:
Tripod sweep from lasso guard 
Lasso guard to single leg x sweep 
Lasso guard to single leg x sweep Variation 
Tornado sweep from lasso guard 
3 toes sweep from lasso guard 
Bicep slice from lasso 
Applying the bicep slice after any lasso sweep
Part 4:
Omoplata Variation 1 
Omoplata Variation 2 
Omoplata Variation 3 
Arm bar series 
Arm bar Variation 1 on foot 
Arm bar Variation 2 to omoplata 
Arm bar Variation 3 
Triangle from lasso guard
Variations on standing opponent
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