The Imanari Roll And Modern Leg Attacks From Japan by Masakazu Imanari


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Learn the most infamous leg attack entry in the history of BJJ directly from its originator, Masakazu Imanari
Imanari is decorated combat sports legend, boasting an extensive and impressive MMA record riddled with leg lock victories
Enjoy a vast and complete library of devastating lower body attacking sequences that are an absolute necessity for any leg locker
Discover the most modern adaptations of the highest percentage leg attacks in the game including straight footlocks, heel hooks, and knee bars
Master essential defenses and counters to the most common lower body attacks so you can escape safely and go on the offensive
With “The Imanari Roll & Modern Leg Locks from Japan”, You'll be treated to WORLD CLASS INSTRUCTION from one of the true legendary leg locking pioneers of BJJ, Masakazu Imanari, so that you can modernize and add CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE to your lower body attacking platform! Not only will you finally receive step by step instruction on the Imanari roll itself straight from its originator, there's also an entire library of content on the most important leg attacks in BJJ, like heel hooks, straight foot locks, and knee bars with HIGH LEVEL DETAIL and critical concepts for application.
Leg locks aren't going anywhere and they are continuing to evolve to become more dangerous, efficient, and effective than ever. Their presence in modern-day BJJ has made an enormous impact and has changed the game forever! Imanari is one the foremost authorities on the leg lock game and his MODERN APPROACH is exactly what today's leg locker needs to enhance their skill set and add incredible value to the lower body attacking toolbox!
Start with a comprehensive guide to the Imanari roll, detailing its entries and different ideas on distance, even transitioning directly to the kneebar. From there you'll delve into the straight footlock, studying MULTIPLE ENTRIES, touch on the 50/50, and cover some BRILLIANT COUNTERS to round out the first part of the instructional. In part 2, Imanari will guide you through another entire catalogue of leg lock, entries, finishes, and transitions. You'll get into heel hooks, knee bars, GENIUS DEFENSES, and jaw-dropping transitional sequences. You’ll even recruit some new drills to help with that muscle memory and learn how to leg lock an opponent while they're trying to pass your guard!
Don't miss your chance to learn the modern leg lock game from one of the legends of the art. This highly anticipated series will shed light on the darkest corners of your leg lock technique and help you recruit new and exciting skills, adding instant value to your lower body attacking arsenal!
So, What Do You Get?
Part 1:
Imanari Roll 
How to do the Imanari Roll 
How to drill the Imanari roll 
How to do the Imanari roll from a further distance 
How to do an Imanari roll into a kneebar 
Leg locks
Straight foot lock 
Straight foot lock variation 
Straight foot lock variation 2 
Straight foot lock variation 3 
Straight foot lock variation 4 
Heel hook from 50/50 position 
Kneebar from 50/50 position 
Ankle tap from 50/50 position 
Modified toe hold both opponents feet trapped by our legs 
Opponent on back, knee bar
Counter from straight foot lock 
Counter to outside heel hook
Part 2:
Leg lock from guard passing
Inside heel hook from omoplata 
50/50 position to inside heel hook 
Kani basami
Kani basami from tied up to opponent position
Calf slicer from arm drag 
Matasaki from arm drag 
Straight foot lock from seated position
Transitions when opponent is rolling over 
Drills to strengthen your ground game 
Leg rotations 
Leg lock when opponent tries to pass your guard 
Transition from ashi garami to x guard position
Leg lock entry when your opponent is defending against a foot lock
Grabbing the heel 
Alternative way to grab heel when we cannot go directly from a heel hook 
Finish from saddle position 
Defend a straight foot lock 
Heel hook defense 
Inside heel hook defense 
Heel hook entry when opponent has your back (standing) 
How to defend against an arm triangle into a heel hook
Kazoku lock 
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