BJJ Fundamentals Go Further Faster Half Guard Passing and Dynamic Pins by John Danaher


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Pass the half guard with John Danaher’s focused “463 Method” of attack (including his favorite techniques and positions to pass with)
Hold the tightest possibly control and transition from pin to pin with maximum efficiency, using these techniques and concepts
John Danaher is the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach of champion athletes like Gordon Ryan, Garry Tonon, and Georges St. Pierre
Study the newest installment of John Danaher’s Go Further, Faster series, made to help Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students of all ages and skill levels improve faster than ever
Know more. Win more.
Volume 1
00:00:00 Half Guard Passing Introduction
00:04:49 Overview of Half Guard Passing: The 4.6.3. System
00:26:54 Essential Skills of Half Guard Passing - 1st Skill: Forcing Half Guard - Split Squat
00:33:29 Pinning the Knee to the Mat
00:37:58 Inside Knee Position
00:43:05 Using Standard Guard Passes to Attain Half Guard
00:48:53 Double Knee Position
00:59:12 2nd Skill: Removing Barriers - Clearing the Knee Shield
01:18:39 Clearing A Scorpion (Lockdown)
01:30:35 Clearing a Deep Half Guard
01:41:02 3rd Skill: Negation of Opponents Attacks & Stabilizing the Position - Negating your opponents attacks
01:45:16 The Fundamental Gripping Stance
01:54:33 The Fundamental Starting Position (FSP)
Volume 2
00:00:00 4th Skill: Controlling Head & Shoulders - The Skill of Crossfacing & Underhooking
00:22:10 5th Skill: Freeing The Knee of The Trapped Leg - Shoelace Method
00:29:16 The Ball of Foot Method
00:36:25 The Hand Post & Elbow Post Method
00:43:42 Square Tripod Hand Post Method
00:47:57 The Shaking Method
00:51:35 Zig Zag Knee Direction
00:55:05 6th Skill: Multi Directional Switching, Passing, & Freeing Your Foot From Four Dominant Positions - Pass from 3/4 Side Sit-Out
01:07:38 Pass from 3/4 Side
01:12:55 Reverse 3/4 Side
01:20:11 3/4 Mount
01:40:29 Moving Between the 4 Dominant Passing Positions
01:46:24 Half Guard Passing Direction & The Law of Perpendicularity
Volume 3
00:00:00 The Single Most Important Reason Why I Put So Much Emphasis On Half Guard Passing
00:11:06 Different Upper Body Configurations for Half Guard Passing
00:18:19 A Crucial Skill of Half Guard Passing: Setting a Crossface
00:25:30 A Crucial Skill of Half Guard Passing: Setting a Crossface 2
00:38:33 Dealing with an Opponent’s Underhook
Volume 4
00:00:00 Configuring Your Free Leg
00:05:23 Configuring Your Free Leg 2
00:08:01 Configuring Your Free Leg 3
00:12:43 Passing Half Guard 1: Half Kata Gatame  
00:21:04 Passing Half Guard 2: Lapel Cross Face
00:29:06 Passing Half Guard 3: Top Head and Arm
00:37:49 Passing Half Guard 4: Head Block Half Guard Pass
00:42:30 Passing Half Guard 5: Double Underhook Half Guard Passing
00:47:36 Near Side & Far Side Knee Wedges from Chest to Chest
00:52:08 Getting the Inside Knee To the Floor
00:57:07 Overview of the Half Guard Passing System 'The 4.6.3. Passing System'
Volume 5
00:00:00 Passing Half Butterfly Guard
00:04:30 The Golden Rule of Half Butterfly Guard Passing
00:10:11 Upper Body Gripping
00:22:51 Lower Body Leg Positioning 1
00:43:49 Lower Body Leg Positioning 2
01:00:19 Passing Half Butterfly Guard: Putting It All Together
Volume 6
00:00:00 Introduction to Dynamic Pinning
00:09:02 Theory of Dynamic Pins - Definition of a Pin
00:12:34 Location of Wedges
00:17:50 Base of Support
00:20:38 No Pin is Perfect But There is Perfect Pinning
00:25:22 The Main Directive of Dynamic Pinning
00:33:55 The 3 Golden Rules of Dynamic Pinning
00:40:47 Understanding The Scoring Criteria for Pins in Jiu Jitsu
00:57:23 The Battle for Inside Position
01:05:30 A Theory of Wedges, Inside Position, & Base
01:21:01 Static Pinning
01:31:15 The Main Lines of Resistance to Any Pin - Pushing
01:40:50 Shrimping
01:46:10 Bridging
01:51:34 Knee Escapes
Volume 7
00:00:00 The Three Skills of Dynamic Pinning - The 1st Skill - Maintaining a Single Pin - Side Pin (Variations)
00:19:30 North South Pin (Variations)
00:29:43 Mounted Position (Variations)
00:47:46 Rear Mount (Variations)
00:56:42 The 2nd Skill - Transitioning Between Pins - Side to Mount Part 1 - Knee Drive
01:14:44 Side To Mount Part 2 - Kneeling Step Over
01:26:46 Side to Mount Part 3 - A Sit - Out Step-Over
01:35:16 Side to Side
01:46:23 Side to Knee on Belly
01:53:40 Knee on Belly to Knee on Belly
02:00:31 Mount to Back (Reactive)
02:11:16 Mount to Back (Proactive)
02:23:09 Mount to Back (Leg Entry)
Volume 8
00:00:00 The 2nd Skill - Transitioning Between Pins (cont.) - Rear to Side
00:07:39 Rear Mount to Mount
00:12:10 Side to Rear Mount
00:20:21 Side to Rear Mount (Reactive)
00:28:51 The 3rd Skill - Extracting a foot
00:38:45 Maintaining/Retaining Pins - Maintaining the Mounted Position: Practical Applications
00:50:43 Maintaining the Side Position: Practical Applications
01:01:04 Retaining the Rear Mount
01:13:27 The Minimum Requirement of Back Control: Diagonal Control
01:18:52 Lower Body Game
01:24:45 The Three Most Important Moves to Maintain Lower Body Control 
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