How To Destory Much Bigger Opponents by Kristian Woodmansee


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Tired of getting smashed by the heavier training partners at your academy? Kristian Woodmansee has the giant slaying formula you need to start turning the tables
Learn to navigate a larger resisting opponent from all positions, including de la riva and worm guard
Discover what NOT to do when sparring or competing with a larger opponent
Add hidden details in to your game to get the most out of your technique
If you're a smaller sized grappler, this is a tale as old as time; We spend a great deal of our BJJ careers on the bottom getting smashed by the heavier BJJ players at the academy. We know that jiu-jitsu employs the concepts of leverage to get the edge but when you're on the other end of a good smashing from a bigger skilled opponent it can be tough to navigate these difficult waters!
Krisitan Woodmansee feels your pain. A roosterweight black belt under the great Andre Galvao, Woodmansee has spent years as the smaller guy on the mat, training with the best teams in the world, and taking notes on this all too common plight for smaller grapplers. Now you can BENEFIT FROM HIS UNIQUE EXPERIENCES with his compilation of the most important techniques, concepts, and DO’S AND DON'TS to help you get the edge when dealing with giants on the mat!
You’ll find techniques from the bottom and the top, as well as detailed explanations of how to proceed when in dominant positions such as the back and side control. You'll learn to CONTROL DISTANCE WHEN IT MATTERS THE MOST and gain an understanding of what NOT to do when tangling with an upper weight grappler.
In 4 incredible volumes you'll employ concepts such as the worm guard and reverse De La Riva to get things firing from the bottom. You'll also RECRUIT SOME AMAZING DETAILS ON PASSING PROCEDURES UNIQUE TO WOODMANSEE’S GAME such as the surf pass, the top spin, and the lapel pass hip rewind. When you delve into the dominant position section, you'll be treated to some beautiful detail work on how to maintain these important positions so that you can continue to CONTROL THE FLOW OF THE MATCH! Woodmansee’s capabilities as an instructor shine throughout the series and you'll find it incredibly easy to learn from him through very clear and detail oriented instruction.
So, What's On This Series?
Part 1:
Intro for bottom
Guard pulls
Worm Guard/explanation 
Chop sweep 
Rodeo Back take 
Knees down Response 
De La Riva explanation 
De la Riva Collar Drag
Part 2:
Technical standup Sweep
Reverse De la Riva explanation 
Reverse de la Riva Knee Down 
Kick sweep standing 
Reverse de la Riva Single leg 
Collar sleeve explanation 
Omoplata sweep to top position 
Kick Sweep Standing
Part 3:
Intro for top 
Lapel pass hip rewind 
Top spin 
Punch Pass 
Outside Toreando 
Surf Pass 
Surf Pass variation 2
Part 4:
Dominant position explanation
Back Retention
Submission options from the back
Hip check side control 
Kimura theory from hip check 
Crucifix from turtle 
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