The Mirroring Principle Fundamental Self Defense by Wim Deputter


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Master practical self-defense tactics that could save your life with Brasa black belt and world-renowned instructor, Wim Deputter
Applying Deputter’s “mirroring principal”, you’ll learn to meet pressure with pressure until your opponents overcommit and give you an opportunity gain the upper hand
Learn essential psychology and theories for self-defense such as de-escalation, controlling the distance, and how to avoid a fight
Explore simple self-defense concepts that will help you control a real-life altercation from standing, on the ground, and everywhere in-between
Discover the golden rules of self-defense through world-class instruction that anyone at any rank can benefit from
In Fundamental Self-Defense, Brasa black belt and world-renowned instructor Wim Deputter will give you the physical and mental tools you need to EFFECTIVELY HANDLE YOURSELF in a real-life altercation so that you can have the best chance possible of defending yourself in the worst of situations! Applying his patented “mirroring principle”, to fundamental self-defense concepts, Deputter will show you how to counter pressure with pressure until your opponents exaggerate their movements and unknowingly give you a chance to put things in your favor!
No one likes to think about it but the truth is that self-defense scenarios can happen out of nowhere. ARE YOU PREPARED? Practical self-defense could be more important than you think. The concepts in this series are easy to learn and could possibly save your life!
In the first of three parts, Deputter will instruct you on everything from de-escalation, how to avoid fights, rules of self-defense, and closing the distance, among other ESSENTIAL CONCEPTS. In the second part, you’ll cover standing tactics like framing, head positioning, getting to the back, and much more! No self-defense toolbox is complete without some groundwork and that's how you'll round out your instruction with Deputter in part 3. You’ll discover important guard concepts tailored to respond to specific reactions from an attacker and even some drills to help you commit some CRITICAL DETAILS to muscle memory!
Don’t leave your self-defense to chance. Deputter has put together a fantastic library of not only life-saving techniques but also a guide to the psychological side of the street altercation. Remember, the best self-defense is always to avoid the conflict in the first place but we’re not always given that option. Make sure you're prepared and ready to respond should the need ever arise!
So, What Do You Get?
Part 1: Psychology and theory behind self defense.
Sport vs self defense
Types of martials arts 
Golden rules of self defense 
Two situations
Three states
Controlling the distance 
When pudding and battering ram are appropriate 
How fights happen and how to avoid
Part 2: Standup Self defense.
Slapping drill 
Angles and frames in motion 
Head position 
Backcontrol and how to get there
From basic conrol to the back 
Armdrag to the back 
Headlock from the side 
Front headlock
General defense
Part 3: Self defense on the ground.
General overview of the Ground game
Basic closed guard drills
Opponent stands up with grips
Opponent stands up without grips 
Open guard 
Open guard drills vs passing 
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