High Collar Passing by James Clingerman


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Break the rules of guard passing with one of the most trusted and respected BJJ black belt instructors in the US, James Clingerman
Combine traditional guard passing themes with not-so-common details that will allow you to cut through even the most proficient guards
Master techniques that only a handful of BJJ’s top guard passers are using to dominate the guard passing battle
Anyone can pass the guard using a high collar grip when you have the proper gameplan, no super strength or speed needed
In High Collar Passing, respected BJJ black belt instructor and seasoned competitor, James Clingerman will show you how to PROPERLY USE A HIGH COLLAR GRIP to effectively pass the guard. This acclaimed “against the grain” system will surprise and confuse your opponents and training partners as well as add a new and exciting layer to your top game!
If you've ever been told that using a grip in the collar to pass the guard is a risk, it's time to BREAK THE MYTHS AND GET RID OF THE STIGMA. Clingerman has a system that is so highly effective and unorthodox, your training partners won't see it coming until it’s too late. Clingerman will teach you how to pass using a high collar grip, with methods that will help in dominating the passing exchange properly, while keeping yourself out of trouble!
Clingerman has put together not only a fantastic library of effective techniques but a system that will help you work through the moves in a way that is COHESIVE AND EASY TO FOLLOW. From passing to, submissions, to drilling sequences and even leg lock transitions, Clingerman will guide you with phenomenal step by step instruction that will quickly MAKE YOU A BELIEVER in this underutilized system of top game technique!
It's time to break the rules of guard passing. In this truly unique series, you'll learn just how effective this black sheep method of passing can be when you've got the proper details and the right instruction!
So, What's On This Series?
Part 1:
Foundational Concepts 
Foundational Details 
Beat The First Defense 
Pass to Kimura 1 
Pass to Kimura 2 
Pass to Kimura 3 
Kimura to Armbar 
Single Wing 
Cross Choke 
Hanging Cross Choke 1
Part 2:
Reset the Shoulders 
Reset the Hips 
Loop & Wild West Finish 
Back Take 
Guillotine & Wild West 
Clock Choke 
Wild West Choke 
Cross Choke 
Low Risk Position
Beating The Shin Shield 
Leg Drag Details 
X-Pass Step & Roll 
X-Pass Style Combos
Part 3:
BackStep 1 
Backstep 2 
Backstep 3 
From Sitting Up Guard 1 
Sitting Up to Loop 
Loop Variations 
Leg Locks 
Knee Bar 
Leg Lock Transitions 
Cross Side W/ Bottom Lapel 
Drills - Night Crawler 
Drills - X Pass Kicks
Drills - X-Pass Combos
Drills - The Entry 
Drills - Back Step 
Leg Lock Transitions
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