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Master the Guillotine with Canadian Powerhouse Dante Leon.
Use the Guillotine to sweep, pass, and submit the opposition.
This isn’t your ordinary chin strap! Dante puts a unique spin on a classic technique.
Transition from Guillotine to The Cradle and punish your opponent that they GIVE the guard pass up!
Ever hear of the Assassintine? Dante closes out this masterful instructional with this unique technique, that is sure to catch your next opponent by surprise!
Dante Leon is one of the top athletes in the game, and part of that reason is his gritty Guillotine system. Back in the day you could only Guillotine a sloppy wrestler that shot with their neck exposed. Thankfully people like Dante have dedicated ample amounts of mat time to perfecting this classic technique and that is no longer the case. Now with instructionals like Guillotine Choke Systems you can find effective Guillotines from EVERYWHERE.
The Guillotine is more than just a choke, and with Dante’s help you will see the light. The complete Guillotine Choke System opens up ample possibilities to not only submit your opponent, but also to sweep and even pass! You may be asking yourself “how does a choke lead to passing the guard?” This is a fair question, that has a simple answer.
With Guillotine Choke Systems your Guillotines will be so threatening that your opponent will have to sacrifice ALL of their tactics to simply save their neck, and when they do you will blow past their guard with brutal cradles and pressure passes. Dante uncovers all of the options available throughout the instructional that will have you connecting the dots, connecting your hands, and landing Guillotines!
You would be surprised how many times a Guillotine can lead to the back. Once again having a threatening Guillotine is going to lead you to other areas of opportunity on the mat. Dante shows you how to set up slick snap downs that if your opponent doesn’t put their hands down, their head will bounce off the mat! While their hands are on the mat to avoid a broken nose, you can execute Dante’s Go-Behind-Back Take!
Guillotine Choke Systems is loaded with details that Dante has uncovered in his life long pursuit of martial arts! From one of the best Juvenile competitors to ever step on the mat to becoming a dominant ADCC Veteran, Dante has what you need to jump-start your attacks through the use of Gritty Guillotines!
So, What's On This Series?
Part 1:
Chin Strap Basics
Chin Strap Basics 2 
Arm In Guillotine from Knee Shield 
Front Head Lock to D’arce 
Front Head Lock to amount 
Mounted Guillotine Arm In Finish
One Arm Mounted Finish
Part 2:
Intro to ‘The Cradle’ 
Using The Cradle to Sweep & Pass 
Using the Cradle to set up the one arm guillotine 
Using the Cradle to sweep into north south choke 
Cradle to Pressure Pass 
Using the Sprawl to set up a guillotine
Part 3:
Defending the single leg with a guillotine
Underhook Defense to Guillotine
Snap down mechanics 
Front Head Lock to Go Behind Back Take
The Mortal Combat Back Take
Snap Down to Cradle 
Cross Ankle Pick
Part 4:
Open Guard Passing Concept Leading ti Guillotine 
Rolling Guillotine 
Defending the underhook w/guillotine 
Negative Pass to Front Head Lock
Assassintine from the crucifix
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