No Gi For Kids by Nicolas Renier


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Learn how to train and roll with your kids using ADCC quality techniques tuned perfectly for youth practitioners.
Use these games and drills to build skill and a love of grappling.
Nicolas has over a decade of experience teaching kids how to safely practice Jiu-Jitsu and enjoy the process of learning.
Build confidence ON and OFF the mat with No-Gi For Kids!
Practicing martial arts is one of the most beneficial sports a kid can participate in. No-Gi For Kids by Nicolas Renier is a 4-part series dedicated to giving your kid an overall game plan for when they step on the mat. Sometimes youth participants can get lost in the shuffle with a vast amount of techniques, drills, and skills. Nicolas Renier looks to change that!
No-Gi For Kids covers the essentials when it comes to No-Gi Grappling. Without the uniform, the entire sport gets much quicker. This can lead to confusion for many kids because there are a vast amount of variables. Renier keeps it short, sweet, and simple!
No-Gi For Kids kicks off by helping your kid with “the three steps of understanding”. Nicolas lays the groundwork early in this series, this allows your child to build a strong foundation of techniques and knowledge. As a parent, you will start to understand how you can help your child practice crucial skills that can give them some extra learning time when away from the academy. By following Renier’s tips you can help cultivate a fun and constructive learning environment for your kid.
Over the course of the instructional, you will learn the ins and outs of the most essential aspects of No-Gi Jiu-Jitsu. You will learn kid-approved submissions, guard passing, self-defense, and escapes! Cover the key concepts with your child and watch their confidence build!
Part 1:
Three steps of understanding 
Concepts of teaching 
Parents recommendations
Technics for kids
Submissions for kids
Part 2:
Wrestling - Wrestling attacks
Wrestling defense
Attacking the guard - Standing guard pass 
Kneeling guard pass 
Part 3:
Defending Guard - Lay down
Close guard 
Attacking from Cross Control - Keep the control 
Take the mount 
Defending Cross Control - Escapes
Showy escapes
Part 4:
Attacking From Mount Position - Submissions 
Switching positions
Defending Mount Position - Classics escapes 
Riskiest escapes 
Turtle Positions - Attacking the back 
Defend turtle position 
Back Control - Escapes
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