Closed Guard Ying Yang Series by Roberto Jimenez


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Learn the secrets of a dangerous closed guard from the young black belt that tore through the scene at purple and brown belt, Roberto Jimenez
Jimenez is one of the most successful competitors in modern-day BJJ and continues to be a force in the competitive circuit
Use his tricky yin/yang concept to control and attack way more effectively in the closed guard
Add new sweeps, back takes, submissions, and more, to make scoring and finishing from the guard easier than ever
In Closed Guard Yin Yang Series, BJJ black belt and competitive phenom, Roberto Jimenez will draw back the curtain and provide you with modern, effective closed guard tools that will help you develop a more efficient and dangerous closed guard. Using the same proven techniques that Jimenez uses to dominate at the highest levels of competition, you'll find more success from closed guard with a wider variety of high-level skills!
No BJJ player can be without a proficient guard. We MUST be able to transition, attack, and reverse successfully to dominate, score, and win! The Yin/Yang is a new strategy that Roberto has been using to huge success, and now you can learn what he’s been doing differently. Jimenez has one of the best guards in the business and in this series, he’s going to reveal the secrets of his highly effective systems and strategies, forged in the fires of elite-level competition!
Jimenez will spread out his instruction over 4-parts, covering everything from super-efficient sweeps, vicious attacks, and jaw-dropping transitions! You'll launch back takes, kimuras, kneebars, and even delve into some takedowns with this incredible vast library of new age jiu-jitsu sorcery!
Don't miss your chance to learn from one of the most successful competitors in modern BJJ. Jimenez is an absolute beast with razor-sharp technique! You'll enjoy his incredibly easy to follow instruction, paired with elite level tactics that will help you transform your guard into a nightmarishly efficient attacking machine!
Part 1:
Seated closed guard
Backtake from closed guard 
Arm drag defense to body lock
Closed guard to body lock 
Body lock to inverted backtake 
Back tack from kimura sweep
Part 2:
Sweeps from closed guard
Pendulum from arm drag 
Kimura to sit up sweep 
Modified ankle sweep 
Knee bar sweep
Waiter sweep from standing 
Butterfly sweep from closed guard 
Pendulum sweep from kimura trap
Part 3:
Submission from ying yang 
Set ups from arm drags 
Armbar triangle from mount 
Kimura x body lock 
Triangle from mount 
Back take body lock 
Body lock takedown 
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