Side Control Escapes: Basics To Advanced Concepts by Andre Galvao


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Use this complete course from André Galvão to learn the side control escapes that will let you get away, get on top, and even get the tap
André teaches you his total system for staying safe and escaping from one of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s worst positions, bottom side control
Atos head instructor and legendary competitor André Galvão shows you the same concepts and drills he teaches his champion students
Build a strong fundamental base for your escape before learning advanced concepts around reversing into attacking positions.
Part 1:
Understanding the Side Control - Concepts & Details
The Framing System 
The Frame Guard Recover 
Basic Guard Recover 
Basic Side Control Escape Using the Frame 
The Under Hook Escape 
The Underhook Escape to Low Single Leg Attack
Part 2:
The Darce Choke Attack
The Rocking Chair 
The Head Trap
The Hip Bump & Under Hook 
The Chin Frame Escape to Armbar 
The Chin Frame Escape to Omoplata
Part 3:
The Head Lock Escape 
The Head Lock Escape Using the Head Trap 
Head Lock Escape to Back Take 
The Surprise Side Control Escape 
The Bridge & Crossface Escape 
The Cross Side Push
The Leg Trap 
The Cross Side Push 2.0 
The Cross Face Escape 2.0
Part 4:
The North-South Kimura Trap Escape to Arm Bar Attack 
The North-South Choke Escape - "Cachumba" Choke
Head & Arm North-South Choke Escape & Variations 
The Switchblade North-South Escape 
Arm Frame & Arm Sweep North-South Escape
The Survivor Systems - Side Control - Bottom 
The Leg Trap
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