No Gi Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Choking System by Troy Manning


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Use sophisticated traps to funnel your opponent directly into your submissions.
Make dominant positions even more threatening with Troy’s blend of traditional techniques mixed with unorthodox chokes like the Coma Choke.
Exploit common reactions and escape attempts from your opponent to lead them directly into fight-ending chokes.
Troy’s no-nonsense approach gets you directly into the action.
Discover tactical finishing details that will see your finish rate climb with EVERY choke!
Part 1:
Side Control Top
Reverse Arm Head Choke 
Darce Choke 
Base Ball Bat Choke To Reverse Triangle 
Arm Head Choke From Scarf Hold 
Baseball Bat Choke From Side Control Or Knee On Belly 
Triangle From Scarf Hold 
Side Control 
Darce From Side Control When He Tries To Escape Out The Back 
Guillotine From Side Control When He Tries To Escape Out The Back 
North South Choke From Side Control When He Tries To Escape Out The Back 
North South Choke From Side Control, Arms In 
Bread Cutter Choke 
Arm Head Choke Far Side 
Baseball Bat Choke Trap His Arm 
Darce Choke From Side Control Bottom 
Reverse Triangle From Side Control Bottom 
Knee On Belly 
Baseball Ball Choke 
Darce Choke 
Coma Choke 
Guillotine Choke From Kneeling
Part 2:
Guillotine Choke 
Necktie Choke 
Anaconda Choke 
Crucifix From Turtle To Neck Crank
Arm Head Choke 
Darce Choke 
T Darce Choke 
Counter Darce Choke To Shoulder Lock Or Take The Back 
Counter T Darce To North South 
Front Naked Choke 
Coma Choke 
Guillotine Choke 
Arm Triangle
Defend Arm Triangle
Back Control 
Rear Naked Choke 
Triangle Choke
Part 3:
Closed Guard 
Triangle #2 
Triangle Escapes 
Switch Base 
Move Around The Other Way, Stand Up 
Pop Up, Feet In Armpits, Push Away 
Closed Guard 
Front Naked Choke 
Guillotine Choke 
Defend Guillotine Choke 
Arm Head Triangle 
Counter Open Guard Pass To Triangle 
Half Guard 
Darce Choke 
Defend Darce Choke 
Arm Head Choke 
Far Side Arm Head Choke 
Front Naked Choke 
Z Guard 
Guillotine Throw To Mount
Defend Guillotine, Sweep To Shoulder Choke 
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