Systematically Attacking From Open Guard Supine Position by Gordon Ryan


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Learn How Gordon “The King” Ryan Systematically Dominates The Best Grapplers In The World With Some Of Grappling’s Most Common and Effective Open Guards
Systematically attack from your back with this open guard gameplan from Gordon “The King” Ryan, with sweeps, back takes, and leg locks that work at the highest levels of grappling
Keep opponent’s off-balance as you learn all of the ways to create kuzushi and pressure from your back
Attack from all the possible x guards, as Gordon teaches how to combine and flow between ashi garami entries, sweeps to guard passes, and creating back exposure
Use no-gi specific De La Riva and Reverse De La Riva guards for the most effective systems (including the no-gi berimbolo and much more)
This is the same system that Gordon uses in competition to beat the best in the world again and again
Gordon Ryan is the reigning ADCC Absolute Champion and one of the best no-gi grapplers of all time
See Gordon rolling and then watch as he breaks down that footage in real-time to explain the system in action
Volume 1
00:00:00 Introduction To Open Guard - Supine 
00:02:47 The 4 Scenarios 
00:05:08 Understanding The Interface Between Inside And Outside Leg Positioning 
Volume 2
00:07:13 How To Negate Movement And Goal Setting 
00:12:15 The Importance Of Concave Shoulders 
00:17:32 Basic Ashi Garami Drills 
00:24:44 Countering A Throw-by With An Inversion 
00:27:11 Basic Ashi Garami Entrance 
00:31:21 Basic Ashi Garami Sweep 
00:34:04 The Importance Of Switching Legs 
00:38:25 The Sweeping/Reaping Dilemma 
00:42:24 Switching From Irimi Ashi To Outside Ashi 
00:44:59 Achieving Double Trouble 
00:52:26 Using A Belly Down Achilles
Volume 3
00:00:00 Explanation Of Ashi X Versus X Guard 
00:04:24 Switching From Irimi Ashi To Ashi X 
00:07:20 Putting Hands On The Floor 
00:12:13 Switching From Ashi X To Outside Ashi Garami 
00:15:57 Basic X Guard Scissor Sweep 
00:18:51 Advanced Scissor Sweep 
00:23:16 Creating Heel Exposure Off A Failed Scissor Sweep 
00:25:59 Entering Cross Ashi From Reverse X 
00:32:52 Transferring From Ashi X To A Scorpion 
00:37:31 Basic Scorpion Sweep 
00:40:34 Taking The Back From Scoop Scorpion 
00:47:21 Entering The Legs From Scoop Scorpion
Volume 4
00:00:00 Countering A Successful Backstep From Ashi X 
00:03:25 Countering A Backstep From Full X Guard 
00:07:48 Recapping X Guard 
00:12:52 Transferring To Ushiro X 
00:17:23 Ushiro X Scissor Sweep 
00:20:33 Ushiro X Reverse Scissor Sweep 
00:23:49 Countering A Forward Step From Ushiro X 
00:28:32 Cross Ashi Garami Entrance From Ushiro X 
00:32:14 Entering Cross Ashi Garami From Ushiro X 
00:35:54 Attacking The Back From Ushiro X 
00:39:25 Ushiro X To Crab Ride 
00:44:48 Ushiro X Trilemma - Back Take, Guard Pass, Leg Lock 
00:48:02 If It All Fails, Just Heist 
Volume 5
00:00:00 Introduction To De La Riva 
00:03:25 Tripod Sweep 
00:09:36 Entering Ashi Garami From Failed Tripod Sweep 
00:13:48 Entering Ashi Off A Completely Failed Tripod Sweep 
00:17:59 De La Riva Knee Bump Ashi Entry 
00:20:38 Opponent Counters Knee Bump Switch To Far Leg X Guard 
00:24:19 Entering Various Forms Of Ashi with Legs Inside 
00:33:22 Entering 50/50 From De La Riva 
Volume 6
00:00:00 Introduction To The No Gi Berimbolo 
00:06:46 Berimbolo Cross Body Ride Entrance 
00:14:28 Forcing Upper Back Exposure 
00:18:05 Leg Dragging From Berimbolo 
00:22:42 Failed Leg Drag Entering The Legs 
00:27:00 Entering The Legs While Inverted 
00:32:00 Understanding Counters To The Float Pass 
Volume 7
00:00:00 Introduction To Reverse De La Riva 
00:02:43 Reverse Tripod Sweep 
00:05:13 Failed Tripod Enter The Legs 
00:07:18 Failed Reverse Tripod Switch To Outside De La Riva 
00:09:11 Single Leg Entry From Reverse De La Riva 
00:12:07 Ashi Garami Entrances From Reverse De La Riva 
00:16:48 Reverse De La Riva Full Inversions 
00:19:58 2 On 1 Knee Lever 
00:26:01 The Interface Between De La Riva And Reverse De La Riva
00:27:51 Outro 
Volume 8
00:00:00 Placido 
00:05:14 Jack 
00:10:18 Drew 
00:15:22 Alex 
00:20:26 Shawn
00:00:00 Rolling Commentary - Placido 
00:27:02 Rolling Commentary - Jack 
00:53:24 Rolling Commentary - Drew 
01:09:44 Rolling Commentary - Alex 
01:29:57 Rolling Commentary - Shawn
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