The Berimbolo System by Mikey Musumeci


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The Berimbolo System by Mikey Musumeci
3-Time Black Belt World Champion Mikey Musumeci teaches the most comprehensive berimbolo system ever - including winning details never shown before!
Get rid of all the myths around the berimbolo - including how grapplers of any age and level can start using this move without being super flexible
This 8-volume mega-series goes through all of the movements, moves, counters, and combos you need to know for a total back take attack
The berimbolo is one of BJJ’s most notorious back takes, and now you can find out the exact mechanics behind winning fights with it
Mikey is the most successful American Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt ever, winning three world championships in the gi with these systems
Master positions like the double guard pull, the stack berimbolo, the twister hook, and more
Black belt back taking wizard Mikey Musumeci is back with BJJ Fanatics with the most expansive and complete berimbolo system ever put together. On this 8-volume series, learn all of Mikey’s favorite ways to take the back as he shows you why the berimbolo is a move anyone can use.
Berimbolos are one of BJJ’s most recognizable and notorious moves, and a lot of older, less flexible grapplers think it isn’t for them. Now that can all change. Mikey’s system is made so that it doesn’t take any crazy flexibility or speed, instead using reliable grips and simple body movements to create the attacks you want.
Across these 8-volumes, learn how to cut out all the confusion and get right to the back with this rolling technique. From top, bottom, and even Mikey’s notorious double guard pull, you can lock into this step-by-step method for exposing the back and securing your control of an opponent.
Even against way bigger, stronger fighters, you can have huge success with the berimbolo. Mikey has become notorious for fighting opponents as big as twice his size, and he does it with a deep level of understanding of technique that few can match. Now, you can benefit from his lifetime of study as he pulls back the curtain on his modern style.
What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
History Of Berimbolo 
My Development Of This Position 
Using Berimbolo In Competition 
Understanding The Reactions Of Your Opponent Concept 
Teaching And Learning Reactions 
Why We Are Starting In Double Pull 
Inverting Troubles 
Concept Of Two Worlds 
Let's Do It 
Double Pull 
Double Pull Introduction 
Holistic Approach 
Discussion Of Turning The Knee In 
Concept Of Soft Tissue Versus Bone 
Positioning Of The Back Leg 
De La Riva Troubleshoot
Adjustment To Keeping Knee In 
Foot On Leg Defense 
Hand Fighting In De La Riva 
Hand Fighting In De La Riva #2 Collar 
Troubleshooting Strong Collar Grip 
Troubleshooting Strong Collar Grip Pant Grip
Part 2:
Introduction To Inverting 
Mechanics To Inverting 
Using Shoulders To Invert
Drill Inverting Shoulders
Traditional Inverting Neck
Neck Inverting Drill 
Concept Of Muscle Activation In Arms 
Concept Of Muscle Activation In Arms With The Collar 
Inverting Without De La Riva 
Feet And Leg Positioning
Introduction Leg Positioning While Inverting
Part 3:
Posting Arms 
Introduction To Posting Arms 
Shoulder Scooting 
Basic Berimbolo Inside Leg Introduction 
Basic Berimbolo Outside Leg Introduction
Basic Berimbolo Only Legs Drill 
Basic Berimbolo Hip Grip Arm
Basic Berimbolo Far Arm Details 
Putting All Together 
Basic Berimbolo Middle Hip Grip
Basic Berimbolo With The Collar 
Basic Berimbolo Defense Counter #1 
Basic Berimbolo Defense #1 
Basic Berimbolo Defense #2 
Basic Berimbolo Defense Counter #2 
Posting Both Arms Reaction Ladder Bolo 
Part 4:
Stacking Opponent 
Stack Berimbolo With Collar 
Back Take Pulling Person To You 
How To Take The Back Going To The Person 
Concept Of Hips In Stack 
Stack With Near Hip Grip 
Back Take With Near Hip Grip Pulling To You
Back Take Going To Person 
Far/Middle Hip Stack 
Far/Middle Hip Back Take Combination 
Different Ways To Stack Introduction 
Ladder Bolo Stack 
Double Leg Bolo 
Ladder Bolo With Middle/Far Hip 
Double Leg Bolo Middle/Far Hip
Part 5:
Pulling Person To You 
Pulling Hips To Me Back Take #1 
Upper Body Control Introduction 
Upper Body Control Same Side Shoulder 
Far Side Shoulder 
Back Of The Collar 
Back Of The Collar Alternative Set Ups 
Feeding Choker 
Combining All Grips Together 
Trapping Arm Variation To Climb
Climbing When Person Pulls Inside Leg In
Baby Bolo Variation From The One Before 
Part 6:
Chaining Stacking And Pulling Together 
Stack To Pull In 
Pulling In To Stack 
Twister Hook Introduction
Basic Berimbolo To Twister Hook 
Adjusting The Twister Hook 
Twister Hook Placing Knee On The Mat 
Knee On The Mat Drill 
Twister Hook To The Back 
Twister Hook To The Back Alternative Set Up 
Twister Hook From Ladder Bolo 
Double Leg Bolo To Twister Hook
Part 7:
Back Hip 
Uninverting Concept 
Uninverting Variation #1 
Uninverting Variation #2 
Explanation Of The Base
Basic Berimbolo Back Leg Variation #1 
Basic Berimbolo Back Leg Variation #2 
Basic Berimbolo Back Leg Variation #3 
Basic Berimbolo Back Leg Variation #4 
Uninverting To Mount 
Uninverting To Mount Defense To Back 
Uninverting Back Of Collar To Back Variation #1 
Uninverting Back Of Collar To Back Variation #2 To Twister Hook 
Double Leg Berimbolo To Mount
Double Leg Berimbolo Mount Defense To Back
Part 8:
Top Bolo 
Elbow Concept To Pass 
Pass Variation To The Arm Triangle
Back Take From Top Bolo 
Body Lock Pass
Roll To Back 
Top Bolo To Double Leg Bolo 
Linking Everything Together 
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