Fundamental Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Techniques by Renato Migliaccio


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Migliaccio is a former World, Pan-Am, and European Champion, as well as an ADCC veteran with a successful 6-1 MMA record to his credit and he holds a black belt under the legendary Ryan Gracie
Learn simple drills, basic submissions, fundamental passing concepts, and more, that will help you build a better BJJ foundation
From beginners to seasoned vets Migliaccio will help you make your basics better or sharpen them using classic battle tested strategies and experience based technique
´╗┐In Fundamental Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Techniques, former World, Pan-Am, and European Champion Renato Migliaccio will be your guide as you explore, learn and master some of the most crucial fundamental techniques in all of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. With world class instruction you'll gain a new perspective on the basics using techniques that have been molded by years of experience and competing and training with the best in the world! Whether you're as green as they come or an old dog with years of experience under your belt, these techniques will add incredible value to your BJJ toolbox!
Start with some drills and a library of armbar attacks that will make acquiring this basic submission easier than you ever thought possible! In part-2, you'll get into some basic passing variations including the x-pass, toreando, leg drag and more to help you leave your training partners an opponent's legs safely in your rearview mirror. Part-3 will be dedicated to the omoplata, providing you with tons of set-ups and attacks and you'll finish out the series with some work from the mount!
Take this rare opportunity to learn the fundamentals from a man that's been in the game longer than many of us have been alive! Decades on the mat provide a unique perspective on what's important to advance your skills as a beginner and Migliaccio has laid out a roadmap that includes what he feels are some of the most crucial entry level techniques and strategies to enjoy early success in BJJ!
Part 1:
Armbar Situations 
Basic Armbar 
Double Armbar 
Bridging Armbar 
Judo Armbar (Ronda Rousey) 
Armbar from Stack 
Stripping the Grip 
Spinning Armbar 
Armbar from Ankle Pick Sweep 
Armbar Against Sitting Guard
Part 2:
Guard Passing Drills & Body Weight Exercises
Bullfighter Pass (Toreando) 
Footwork Knee on Stomach
Cross Knee Pass 
X-Pass Variation Knee Slide 
X-Pass Variation Shin Slide
Leg Drag 
Leg Drag Toreando Variation
Long Step Pass 
Long Step Pass Variation 
Base-Switch Pass (Collapsing the Hip)
Part 3:
Omoplata from Guard
Finishing the Omoplata 
Spider Guard Omoplata 
Omoplata from Half Guard Switch 
Omoplata from Triangle 
Omoplata from Armbar 
Reverse Omoplata 
Omoplata after Rolling Defense 
Rolling Back Omoplata
Omoplata to Triangle 
Omoplata to Armbar
Part 4:
Mount Position
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