The Cobra Choke Combining Catch Wrestling and BJJ by Mike Demko


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The Cobra Choke made its impact on the world of catch wrestling and now BJJ Black Belt and Catch Expert Mike Demko is here to make it a valuable part of your arsenal.
Mike teaches unique ways to snag the Cobra grip from numerous positions.
The Cobra Choke allows you to attach to your opponent quickly and efficiently from the front headlock position.
Multiple variations to the choke will give you ample opportunities to finish the fight.
Transition to some of your favorite chokes directly the Cobra Choke
The Cobra Choke Combining Catch Wrestling And BJJ is a 4-part series dedicated to the intricacies of the Cobra Choke. Also commonly known as the Cow Catcher in the Catch Wrestling community, this technique provides a quick hitting strangle that few athletes can see coming. Mike Demko is a BJJ Black Belt and Catch Wrestling expert, with this unique experience he looks to provide an innovative approach to applying this Catch Wrestling staple in the realm of BJJ.
One unique attribute to the Cobra Choke is how quickly it can be applied. This leaves little option of defense, and when they defend Mike has an adaptation waiting for them! Not only is the Cobra Choke a brutal submission with numerous variations, it also sets up transitionary attacks like the Darce, Guillotine and Anaconda choke.
ANYTIME your opponent shoots for a takedown they will have to do so knowing that if they come up short. As an added bonus the instructional dives in on proactively seeking the Cobra Choke out. Mike covers key concepts of making your opponent drop their head from the feet, which allows for a quick entry into the position. From there it's a sequence of unfortunate events for your opponent that will eventually lead to their demise!
The Cobra Choke Combining Catch Wrestling And BJJ is a great addition to ANY BJJ athlete looking to add an innovative, easy-to-follow approach to locking on hard hitting submissions! 
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
The Cobra Choke aka Cow Catcher 
How and Why it's a Choke/Strangle 
Different Grips and Hand Positions 
How to Finish as a Choke/Strangle 
Basic Position to Hit the Cobra
Front Quarter Weight Distribution
Basic Front Headlock 
Creating Pressure with Front Headlock 
The Launch Pad
Cobra Variation 1 
Cobra Variation 2
Part 2:
Cobra to Guillotine 
Cobra to Darce 
Reverse Cobra 
One Arm Mounted Guillotine 
Cobra from Side Control 
Cobra from Half Guard Top 
Arm In Guillotine Entry
Part 3:
Cobra from Dog Fight 
Cobra from Butterfly Sweep 
Cobra Directly from Takedown 
Sitting Guard Pass to Cobra 1 
Sitting Guard Pass to Cobra 2 
Sitting Guard Pass to Cobra 3 
Cobra Duck Under from Feet 
Cobra Duck Under from Knees
Part 4:
Snap Down Part 1
Snap Down Part 2 
Snap Down Part 3 
Cobra from Takedown Defense
Lock Flow from Cobra 
Cobra to Reverse Triangle 
The Stock
Cobra to Kimura 
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