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Master The Truck Position From Geo Martinez And This 10th Planet Back Take System Can Help You Find Submissions In Totally Unique Ways
Use this signature 10th Planet grappling attack to take the back and finish fights with one of 10th Planet’s premier competitors and coaches, Geo Martinez
Geo Martinez is an elite black belt competitor for 10th Planet and coaches his own students through these creative 10th Planet grappling systems
See how anyone can use these techniques and concepts to increase their attack rate, with no special flexibility or speed needed for success
Enter the truck position from top, bottom, and tons of unique positions as Geo shows you how this back take system comes from everywhere
Use control strategies and slick submission threats for a complete back take style, including crushing calf slicers and twister locks
Attack in new, dynamic, effective ways with this signature 10th Planet back taking system from black belt competitor and coach Geo Martinez. As one of the top 10th Planet Freaks in the world, Geo shares details and combinations that work against the best and can help you improve your grappling in all-new ways.
The truck position is a 10th Planet grappling specialty, and Geo is the best example of this in competition around the world. Whether on top, on bottom, from tons of positions, Geo shows how he has been able to enter into this position from nearly everywhere in a fight, and how to control and finish from there.
Geo isn’t just a great grappler, he’s a great coach, and he explains in clear detail how to get the most out of the truck position. This 4-volume series will help you increase your back attacks and tap into combinations and styles that you haven’t seen before. You don’t need any special flexibility or athleticism to do these moves, just step-by-step technique as you learn how to truck the world.
Part 1:
Basic Truck Entries
Prehook From Turtle
Samurai Roll Flow
Ninja Roll
Part 2:
Z Guard - Dog Fight - Twistback - Truck 3 Options
100 Percent - Truck
Stack - Truck
Rolling Truck
Z Guard - Arm Drag - Truck
Arm Drag to Truck
De X - Truck
Reverse De La Riva - Crab Ride - Pizza Truck
Knee Staple - Ninja Roll
Freak Bolo - Truck
Back Truck (Flow)
Z Guard Counter
Part 3:
Cui Control
Azusa Control
Knee Clamp
Lotus Control
Part 4
Calf Slicer
Twister Concepts
Sneaky Kamikaze
Crotch Ripper
Trucks Stop
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