Guillotine Traps by Firas Zahabi


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Use the Guillotine to control your opponent and never have your guard passed while attempting a Guillotine.
As Head Coach of Tristar Firas has tested each technique endlessly to improve their effectiveness.
Troubleshoot the most common defenses to the Guillotine and adapt your strategy.
Combine versatile sweep attacks with your Guillotine to end up on top
Ensure Your Guillotines NEVER Backfire!
As Head Coach of Tristar Gym Firas Zahabi has worked with some of the very best fighters on the planet. On top of that Firas obtained his BJJ black belt from John Danaher! Guillotine Traps is a 3-part series dedicated to making the Guillotine choke an integral part of your offensive arsenal. So, Why master the Guillotine?
The Guillotine is a technique that doesn’t require any special attributes to pull off. This means that you don’t have to possess great athleticism or strength to become BRUTALLY efficient with the Guillotine. In the series, Firas dives in on ALL-THINGS Guillotine including common defenses, sweeping options, finishing variations, and he even breaks down the role of Sumi Gaeshi in your Guillotine Game!
There are many aspects that make the Guillotine a favorite technique of many of the top fighters in the world. Possessing an efficient Guillotine makes opponents second guess every takedown attempt they make. This provides a useful safety net for athlete’s who may be out-gunned by their opponent in the wrestling department.
With Guillotine Traps you will either choke your opponent or utilize the Guillotine to end up in top position! Don’t get stuck out of position with your opponent on top by following Coach Zahabi’s battle tested techniques. Here he breaks down the role of Sumi Gaeshi in your Guillotine game, and how it can be used to always come out on top in a Guillotine exchange.
Part 1:
Countering the Stack
The Up & Over 
Countering the Tug of War 
Granby Roll 
Part 2:
The Switcheroo 
Seesaw Action
The Crucifix 
The Hook Sweep 
Hook Sweep to Switcheroo 
Hook Sweep to Darce 
Darce Overview 
Countering Heavy Base 
Part 3:
Croth Lift 
Reactive Sumi Gaeshi 
Proactive Sumi Gaeshi 
Crab Walk 
Drilling Sumi Gaeshi Safely 
Easy Suplex 
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