Winning Grip Fighting by Jason Hunt


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Hunt received his black belt a decade ago and has become one of the most sought after instructors in the US, well known for his conceptual approach to BJJ
Hunt shares the prestigious Meraki Academy in LA with MMA legend Kenny Florian and has helped bring up world champions such as Gabriel Arges and Edwin Najmi
Master and dominate the grip fight from multiple positions, including standing, top, and bottom applications
Explore multiple common scenarios where the proper grip fighting strategies can make a world of difference and help you gain the upper hand in your BJJ exchanges
Jason Hunt has cemented himself as one of the premiere instructors in the country, using a conceptual and scientific approach to BJJ that anyone can learn from and understand. With Winning Grip Fighting you'll receive Hunt’s sought after instruction on this incredibly important and specific set of skills, so that you can begin dominating the gripping exchange and using proper grip fighting techniques to give you the edge in your everyday training sessions as well as the competition setting!
Hunt will take you all over the map in this one as he addresses gripping strategies for standing, multiple top position scenarios, and techniques from the bottom as well! You'll learn to use grips to off-balance your opponents, fight against the most common guard platforms, and even how to properly approach the grip fighting exchange off of your back. Hunt will guide you through three easily digestible parts, as learn and master this highly specialized skillset!
Grip fighting is often an underutilized and disregarded set of skills but the proper approach can make all the difference! Hunt is a phenomenal instructor with years of BJJ experience and an incredible ability to convey important information. With this series, he will help you to understand the importance of grip fighting and recruit the skills necessary to become a more well-rounded and dangerous grappler!
Part 1:
Standing Grip Work
Inside Grip Fundamentals 
Controlling the Power Grip 
Defending Against the Power Grip 
Off-balancing off the grip 
Lefty vs righty grip concepts 
Lefty vs righty grip concepts 2
Part 2:
Ground Grip Work 
Top Position
Grip Fighting vs guard pull 
Grip fighting vs open guard pull 
Grip fighting vs lasso guard 
Grip fighting vs half spider guard 
Grip fighting vs reverse de la Riva
Part 3:
Bottom Position
Closed Guard Grip Fighting
Reverse De La Riva Grip Fighting
Knee Shield Grip Fighting 
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