The Complete Lasso Guard System by Marcos Tinoco


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Take your guard to an all new level of effectiveness by perfecting the Lasso Guard for both offense and defense!
Utilize the supreme control of the Lasso Guard to shut down the pass, set up the sweep, or secure the submission.
Learn a revolutionary approach to the Lasso Guard from Marcos Tinoco, one of the BEST in the sport to utilize the position.
Layer on the attacks like the omoplata and armbar with Lasso Guard to finish fights effectively!
If you are looking for a Go-To Guard that you can stifle passers, set up sweeps, and snag submissions Lasso Guard is for YOU!
The Complete Lasso Guard System is a 4-part series that collects Marcos Tinoco’s VERY best techniques from the Lasso Guard. With these techniques you will be able to weave a hard to pass guard that affords you the opportunity to launch an immense amount of offense. Tinoco wraps it all together for you to develop a complete system of attack form the Lasso Guard.
Marcos is a Marcelo Garcia Black Belt and World Class Competitor. In his time as a top-tier athlete and coach he has been refining his Lasso Guard to become one of the ultimate Go-To Guards for ANY BJJ athlete to use!
While many guards are effective, some require you to be extremely flexible. This simply isn’t a reality for MOST BJJ practitioners. Instead the Lasso Guard provides an easy-to-follow gameplan that allows you to get to the position everytime you go to your back, and immediately go on the attack. Throughout The Complete Lasso Guard System you will learn quickly how versatile the Lasso Guard becomes.
Not only is it an easy position to find and enter into, the Lasso Guard forces your opponent under the constant dilemma of accepting a sweep or getting submitted. Marcos lays out numerous combinations that force your opponent into these tricky situations. Even if you cannot secure the submission due to your opponent’s defense, there will be a good chance for you to transition to the sweep. The Complete Lasso Guard System provides a comprehensive platform that ANY athlete can add to their arsenal! Check out the technique list below!
Part 1:
Lobster Lasso Sweep with Arm Bar Variation 
Bicep Slice from Lobsters Lasso Sweep 
Wrist lock option from Lobster Sweep 
Bicep Slice from Bottom 
Kimura Trap 
Part 2:
Crucifix from Kimura
Lapel Trap from Crucifix 
Lasso to Omoplata near side 
Lasso to Omoplata far side 
Part 3:
Shot Gun arm bar from Lasso guard 
Lasso between the legs to S Mount to Armbar
Lasso between the legs to Guillotine 
Lasso helicopter sweep to North South Choke 
Part 4:
Lasso to Triangle Trap
Lasso De La Riva Dump Sweep
Toe Hold/Knee bar Option from Lasso to Single Leg X
Straight Foot Lock option 
Lasso Tomoe Nage to Armbar finish 
Lasso to Sickle Sweep to knee bar
Lasso to X guard to knee bar 
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