Passing The Lasso Guard by Marcos Tinoco


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Stop the Lasso Guard before it gets started by using Tinoco’s positional tips that make effective entries into the Lasso almost impossible
Develop a non-stop passing approach with Lasso Passing Drills that will teach critical skills necessary to take on this Titan of a Guard.
Counter common attacks like the inverted armbar with Marcos’s precise defensive strategies.
Shutdown transitions into hybrid positions like the Spider Lasso with simple adjustments that ANYONE can do!
Flip the script on your opponent’s Lasso Guard with Marcos Tinoco!
Passing The Lasso Guard is a 4-part series where Marcos Tinoco breaks down one of his favorite positions and teaches you how to DESTROY it! Tinoco, a Marcelo Garcia Black Belt, is a MASTER of the Lasso Guard. Lasso Guard is one of the trickiest guards in all of Jiu-Jitsu. A strong Lasso can offer constant threats of sweeps and submissions. Thankfully, this time Tinoco sets his sights on flipping the script and dismantling the Lasso Guard!
This allows Marcos to share insight on unseen details that can be hard to teach. Sometimes small aspects like weight distribution can make a major difference in how well certain techniques work. Passing The Lasso Guard starts off with looking at some of these easy-to-miss details that Marcos has an immense understanding of because of his experience with the Lasso. These key concepts make the guard player have a much more difficult time setting up the Lasso Guard. 
With a weak set up, passing the Lasso becomes much more manageable. If you have ever used the Lasso Guard you know that you can off-balance your opponent and control them fairly easily. Tinoco changes this by making each aspect of the opposition’s Lasso Guard weaker. This makes finishing a passing sequence as simple as following Tinoco’s easy-to-follow system.
Another critical aspect that MUST be addressed when passing the Lasso Guard, and that is the ability to shutdown hybrid style Lasso Guards like the Spider Lasso. The Spider Lasso weaves a hard to pass web that can tangle even the best guard passers. Marcos teaches you tried and true methods to not only manage the position and avoid sweeps, but how to dismantle it with unique passes like the ‘head drop pass’. On top of that you will be equipped with Skill Specific drills that will help hone the necessary steps to tame the Spider Lasso!
Part 1:
Lasso Passing Drill
Passing the Lasso with Bottom Sleeve Control 
Weight Distribution and Gripping Management concepts
Part 2:
Punch and Fold to the Back Take 
Countering the Inversion to Armbar
Countering lasso between the legs with smash pass to Mount 
Part 3:
Deadlift Disconnect to Double Under Pass
Managing the Spider Lasso 
Hip Pop dropping Knee to close off space 
Blocking Shallow Spider Lasso to hip drop pass 
Part 4:
Toreando Pass from Lasso Spider 
Spider Pass Concept Drill without Grips and Passing with the grips
Hip Drop Pass to Backtake against Spider 
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