Escaping From Side Control and Knee on Belly by Ante Dzolic


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STOP getting stuck on the bottom! Ante Dzolic has been a fixture on the mats for over two decades and he's here to provide you with new and exciting options to help you get out of danger and turn the tables on your training partners and opponents
Master the art of escaping from two of the most common positions in all of BJJ and start exiting the bottom with greater ease
Explore options from one of the largest libraries of technique ever assembled on the subject with instruction on escaping, guard recovery, proper posture, new escape routes that will help you get out of danger, and much much more!
With Escaping From Side Control and Knee On Belly veteran BJJ black belt practitioner and revered Ohio BJJ Coach Ante Dzolic will provide you with ALL of the tools necessary to make a clean getaway from side control and knee on belly! Through an incredibly vast array of options and strategies, Dzolic will instruct you on the critical intricacies of movement, posture, and technique needed to dismantle and ultimately escape from these two incredibly common positions!
From basic scenarios to more high level forms of control, Dzolic has you covered in this encyclopedia of getting unstuck. Choose your own specific problems to explore or follow along to the instructional as Dzolic starts with the more common scenarios and progresses through more intricate ones. You'll find dozens of guard recovery options and strategies that include the elbow push, single legs, rollover techniques, pullover options, ideas on body positioning and weight placement, and tons more, all with the goal of getting you out of bad positions and back on track!
Stop spending precious minutes on the bottom! If you've been struggling to find your way out of these super common dominant positions, this is the blueprint you've been looking for. Dzolic has thought of everything and he's assembled it into the perfect roadmap to help get unstuck and return to a better position so that you can get back to attacking!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Big Picture 
Addressing the Cross Face 
Getting to the Knees (Leg Side) 
Guard Recovery (Leg Side) 
Distinguishing When to Recover Half Guard vs Full Guard 
The Rollover (Leg Side) 
Countering the Post 
Rollover to Shin in Biceps Series
The Head Side Rollover
The Head Side Rollover Follow-ups
Part 2:
The Rolling Base Out 
The Rolling Base Out to Single Leg and/or Guard Recovery 
The Rolling Base Out to Shin in Biceps 
The Rolling Base Out to Elbow Push 
Cylinder Roll Reversal 
Cylinder Roll to Guard Recovery 
Cylinder Roll to a Rollover
Cylinder Roll to The Rolling Base Out 
Head Side Single Leg 
Head Side Single Leg to Elbow Push 
Overcoming a tight seatbelt to Elbow Push to Guard Recovery 
Elbow Push to Americana 
Elbow Push to Head Hug Cylinder Roll
Elbow Push Series (Follow Ups) 
Elbow Push Series (Dealing with Grips) 
Part 3:
X Overhead Pass to Guard Recovery
X Overhead Pass to Head Hug Cylinder Roll 
X Overhead Pass (Overcoming Modified Kesa) 
X Overhead Pass (Overcoming Reverse Kesa) Hip Bump 
X Overhead Pass (Overcoming Reverse Kesa) Taking the Back 
X Overhead Pass (Bailout) 
Turn Away Series 
Turn Away to Guard Recovery 
Turn Away Series (Addressing the Leg Side Arm) 
Turn Away to The Deep Half Guard 
Overcoming a Tight Seatbelt (The Windmill) 
Windmill to The Half Guard 
Half Guard Recovery to Leg Side Turn Away Series
Part 4:
Shin in Biceps Series to The Get Up
Shin in Biceps Series to Guard Recovery 
Shin in Biceps Series to Sling Shot Sweep 
Shin in Biceps Series to Reverse Triangle Series 
Shin in Biceps Series to Kimura and Wrist Lock 
Shin in Biceps Series to The Rolling Base Out Series 
Escaping Kesa: 3 Point Bridge 
Escaping Kesa: 3 Point Bridge to Back Take 
Escaping Kesa: Bridge to Hip Shovel 
Escaping Kesa: Straight and Bent Arm Locks 
Escaping Kesa: Posture Defense to the Back 
Escaping Modified Kesa: Walk Away to The Sit Up 
Escaping Modified Kesa: Walk Away to Elbow Push 
Common Problems: Recovering Lost Frames 
Common Problems: Dealing with Passes Focused on Hip Control 
Common Problems: Dealing with Head and Shoulder Focused Passes
Common Problems: Countering the Knee on Belly Transition 
Common Problems: Troubleshooting Guard Recovery Issues I 
Common Problems: Troubleshooting Guard Recovery Issues II 
Part 5:
Escape Destinations 
Follow Through 
Weight placement and our movement 
Finding the Dead Angle 
Posture and Hand Placements 
The Reverse Shrimp 
Fouling the Transition I 
Fouling the Transition II
Bump Escape 
Make a Hole
Grab a Belt/Grab a Heel Escape 
Leg and Arm Weave Escape
Part 6:
Belt and Heel: Guard Recovery 
Undercutting a Mobile Opponent 
Containing the Ankle 
Belt/Skirt Reversal 
Countering the Windshield Wiper Transition 
Shin in Biceps Reversal 
Recovering Guard
When we Can’t Access the Arm 
Bridge to a Single 
Belt/Skirt Reversal 
Guard Recovery 
Undercutting the Opponent 
Dealing with a Controlled Near Side Arm
Reversal Escape 
Guard Recovery When They Chase 
Countering Alternating Knee on Belly and Reverse Knee on Belly Transitions 
Countering the Backstep 
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