The Flower Sweep Basics To Advanced by Ante Dzolic


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Use the Flower Sweep to sweep opponent’s of ALL shapes and sizes.
The Flower Sweep is not just a singular move, instead it is a linchpin in a hard-to-stop system from closed guard.
Make Your Flower Sweep an unpredictable weapon that forces the opponent to accept the sweep or get submitted!
Get to work immediately with a proactive approach that will have you controlling the action.
Chain together your Offense with Ante’s Quintuple Attack!
The Flower Sweep Basic To Advanced is a 2-part deep dive on the Flower Sweep from Black Belt Ante Dzolic. The series covers the essential concepts that transform the Flower Sweep from a standalone technique into a complete system of attack! Ante teaches covers everything from positional maintenance, grip modifications, sweeps, and transitions into submissions.
Create a harsh environment from your closed guard like never before! Waiting around in closed guard is a surefire way to get your guard passed. Go from reactive to proactive with Ante’s easy to implement strikeplan to obtaining grips and immediately getting to work. The closed guard is a very common position in Jiu-Jitsu that you will find yourself in time and time again. Ante’s gameplan is one that ANY athlete can make use of, regardless of experience level!
One major factor that makes the Flower Sweep so dominant is the ability to off balance your opponent without opening your guard! This makes your guard much harder to pass, while affording you the power of your legs to assist with controlling your opponent. Once your opponent is off balance you can open up for fluid Flower Sweeps!
Mastering the Flower Sweep involves forcing your opponent into the dilemma of accepting the sweep or getting caught in submissions! Although the Flower Sweep is a very effective technique it can be defended. Thankfully, your opponent’s defense only opens up further opportunities for you to attack! Submissions like the omoplata, armbar, and triangle are perfect complements to your opponent’s defense to the Flower Sweep. Check out all of the options below!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Flower Sweep vs Pendulum 
Hip Work 
Leg Work 
Three Variations Of The Flower 
The Time to Perform The Sweep 
Settling Into A Dominant Position 
Grip Breaking 
Classic Flower Sweep 
Flower Sweep to Triangle Choke 
Flower Sweep to The Omo Plata 
Flower Sweep to Genie Lock 
The Genie Lock to The Russian Arm Bar 
The Russian Arm Bar (On The Other Side) 
Flower Sweep to the Far Side Arm Bar 
Legs On Back Positional Details and The Triangle Choke 
Legs On The Back to The Omo Plata 
Legs On The Back to The Reverse Triangle 
Quintuple Attack 
Legs On The Back to The Hip Bump Sweep
Part 2:
The Unopened Flower 
Flower Sweep (Inside The Knee Pants Grip)
Flower Sweep vs Attempted Stand Up 
Flower Sweep (When We Make Our Grips Prematurely) 
Flower Sweep to Hip Bump Sweep 
Flower Sweep to Climbing Back Take 
Attempted Back Take to Arm Drag Flower Sweep 
The Ratchet Back Take 
Step Up Flower Sweep 
Step Up Flower Sweep to The Russian Arm Bar 
Step Up Flower Sweep to The Flower Sweep 
Step Up Flower Sweep to the Triangle Choke 
Step Up Flower Sweep to Drag Down Back Take 
Step Up Flower Sweep to Americana 
Arm Drag Flower Sweep 
Incremental Arm Drag to Arm Drag Flower Sweep 
Arm Drag Flower Sweep to S Mount to Arm Bar 
Arm Drag Flower Sweep to Bow and Arrow Choke 
Back Take When We Can't Get a Grip For The Bow and Arrow Choke 
Giftwrap Flower Sweep 
Kimura to Flower Sweep 
Giftwrap Flower Sweep to Ratchet Back Take 
Straight Arm bar to Flower Sweep 
Arm Drag Flower Sweep (Countering The Posted Leg) 
Arm Drag Flower Sweep (Countering The Posted Arm)
Arm Drag Flower Sweep to Straight Arm Bar
Arm Drag Flower Sweep to Triple Attack 
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