The KTNA Side Control System by Ante Dzolic


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The KTNA Side Control System by Ante Dzolic
With nearly 25 years on the mats, Ante Dzolic has cemented himself as one of the premiere BJJ black belt instructors of Ohio
Master the strategies to dismantle and remove the nearside arm from your path when attacking in side control
The nearside frame is one of the most commonly used defensive tools in all of BJJ and Dzolic has the perfect game plan to help you eliminate this roadblock and create opportunities for offense with multiple control tactics and attacks that will give you the edge in the top position
With the KTNA Side Control System, you'll receive top tier instruction from one of Ohio’s most respected BJJ black belt instructors on dismantling, eliminating, and attacking with a focus on the nearside arm from top side control. Dzolic will provide you with a complete system that includes control strategies, submissions, mount takes, and much more to give you endless options when dealing with this extremely common scenario!
SHUT DOWN the bottom players' efforts to escape! You’ll start with some concepts and strategies so that you can learn why it's so important to address the nearside arm. As you progress through the series you'll be introduced to multiple submission opportunities, ways to mount, how to shut down guard recovery, and even troubleshooting when things aren't working properly. Dzolic will guide you with clear concise instruction through this massive library of strategies to help you become a more formidable top player!
The nearside arm can be a real problem when you're looking to advance in top side control and Dzolic has created an entire system for this highly specialized problem, so that you can pick your own routes and keep funneling your training partners into dangerous territory! Don't miss the chance to learn from one of Ohio’s BJJ gems and gain critical knowledge on this skillset that you'll use DAILY in your training!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Concepts and Strategies
Cooking our Opponents 
Controlling the Near Side Hip 
Scraping Hips 
Shoulder Pressure and Purpose 
Strategy: Forcing a Tough Decision 
KNSA: Leg Side Hip & Leg 
KNSA: Head Side Hip & Leg 
KNSA: The Arm Weave 
The Arm Weave: Common Problems and Opportunities 
The Spinning Arm Bar
Part 2:
The Americana Series
KNSA: The Americana 
Transition to Mount
Americana to Arm Triangle 
Arm Triangle to Ezekiel Choke 
The D’Arce/Brabo
The Step Over Series. Step Over Arm Lock 
Step Over to Wrist Lock 
Step Over to Mission Impossible Americana 
Genie Lock 
Over Hook Arm Lock
Part 3:
The Gift Wrap Series
Sitting Back to The Cutting Arm Bar 
The Near Side Arm Lock 
Modified Americana 
Transitioning to The Mount
Transition to The Mount (And Control Details)
Triangle Choke 
Baseball Slide Arm Lock
Kimura Follow Up 
Near Side Series
Near Side Triple Threat
Overcoming the Hidden Arm I (Americana and Kimura Attacks) 
Overcoming the Hidden Arm II (North South Choke)
Part 4:
The Kimura Series
Kimura to The Paper Cutter Choke 
Kimura to a Back Take 
Kimura to Arm Triangle and/or Ezekiel Choke 
Kimura to Reverse Arm Triangle and/or D’Arce Choke 
Overcoming a Strong Get Up 
Defending Guard Recovery Attempts
The Hip Hurdle 
The Windshield Wiper 
Walking Overhead 
When we Can’t Kill the Near Side Arm I (Mobile and Strong Frame)
When we Can’t Kill the Near Side Arm II (Low Frame)
When we Can’t Kill the Near Side Arm III (Big/Long Opponent I) 
When we Can’t Kill the Near Side Arm IV (Big/Long Opponent II)
When we Can’t Kill the Near Side Arm V (Frame Under Our Hips) 
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