Single Leg X Beyond The Basics by Thomas Lisboa
Enter Single Leg X with ease, Thomas teaches innovative methods that will have your opponent trapped in your Single Leg X Guard.
Discover the finer details of maintaining Single Leg X so that your opponent cannot pass!
Defeat even the best passers with grip and sweep modifications that always leave an option of attack.
Use Lisboa’s SLX drills to fine tune your ability to enter into Single Leg X and immediately go on the attack.
Force situations where your opponent must accept the sweep or get submitted!
Single Leg X Beyond The Basics is a 4-part series dedicated to one of the most effective guards in all of Jiu-Jitsu, The Single Leg X! Thomas Lisboa is a multiple time world champion and black belt under the Legendary Fabio Gurgel, so it’s safe to say he knows a thing or two about dominating on the mat. This time around Thomas sets his sights on going Beyond The Basics with this versatile Guard that can take on even the BEST guard passers!
Single Leg X is easily one of the most versatile positions in the sport. You don’t need to be overly flexible or have an immense amount of strength to pull off techniques. Single Leg X Beyond The Basics starts off with teaching you one of most important skills with ANY guard, and that is securing the position! One of the key aspects that makes SLX such a dangerous guard is the sheer amount of entries available. Thomas teaches you how to enter Single Leg X from neutral positions such as open Guard, but also teaches you how to enter the position from terrible spots like the Mount!
Having the ability to continuously get into one of your strongest positions is a trademark of some of the best athletes in the sport. With Single Leg X Beyond The Basics, you will start to develop the ability to secure Single Leg X from EVERYWHERE! What's even better is that once you have secured the position there is an endless amount of offensive options including an ample amount of sweeps, submissions, and backtakes!
As an added bonus Thomas ends the instructional with a complete section dedicated to his FAVORITE drills for the Single Leg X! Here you will be able to smooth out any kinks you find in your technique by following Lisboa’s drills. Develop the ability to transition to other guards, and the ability to attack with lightning fast precision with Single Leg X Beyond The Basics, check out the technique list below!
Part 1:
Understanding The Single Leg X 
SLX Slide Tackle Entry 
SLX Entry Vs. Knee Cut Pass 
Butterfly Sweep To SLX Entry 
Butterfly Sweep To SLX Entry Variation 
Butterfly Double Under Hook To SLX 
Butterfly Double Under Hook To SLX Variation 
Pant-Collar Grip Set Up To SLX 
Cross-Sleeve Grip To SLX 
Cross-Sleeve Grip To SLX Vs. Combat Base
SLX Entry From Z Guard 
SLX Entry From The De La Riva Guard 
SLX Entry From The De La Riva Guard Vs. Folder Pass 
SLX Entry From The De La Riva Guard Vs. Grip Fighting
SLX From The Reverse De La Riva 
SLX Guard Pull From Standing
Part 2:
SLX Sweep Grabbing The Pants 
SLX Sweep Grabbing The Far Sleeve 
SLX Hook Sweep Grabbing The Far Sleeve 
SLX Sweep Grabbing The Near Sleeve And Cross Collar 
SLX Sweep Grabbing The Near And The Far Sleeve 
SLX Modified Technical Stand Up Sweep 
SLX Technical Stand Up To Back Take 
SLX Bump Sweep 
SLX Sweep Pushing The Chest To Double Leg 
SLX Tripod Sweep 
SLX Scissor Sweep 
Straight Foot Lock From The SLX 
Toe Hold From The SLX 
Single Leg X Calf Lock 
Single Leg X Calf Lock To Back Take 
Inverted Armbar From SLX
Part 3:
SLX Maintenance 
SLX Vs. Heavy Knee 
SLX Vs. Sleeve Grip 
SLX Vs. Mount 
SLX Vs. Mount Isolating The Hips 
SLX Vs. Long Step 
SLX To X Guard Vs. Leg Drag 
SLX Vs. Knee Cut Pass 
SLX Vs. Berimbolo
Part 4:
SLX Inside Foot Vs. Outside Foot 
Coming Up From The SLX 
SLX Drills I 
SLX Drills II 
SLX Drills III 
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Single Leg X Beyond The Basics by Thomas Lisboa

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