Mastering Guillotine Concepts and Principles by Karel Pravec


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With nearly three decades of BJJ study under his belt, The Silver Fox is a world renowned Professor and highly influential figure in the BJJ community
Explore multiple guillotine variations that will lend themselves perfectly to a variety of applications in MMA and self-defense
Study both ends of the spectrum with ideas on offense, defense, and counters that will help anyone, regardless of rank, take their understanding of the guillotine to new heights
In Mastering Guillotine Concepts you'll receive some of the finest instruction in the world on the critical concepts of the guillotine from Karel “The Silver Fox” Pravec. An influential figure in the BJJ community, Pravec has been on the mats for decades, studying and refining his game as one of Renzo Graice’s first American students. With details and concepts developed over years of study and experience, Pravec will help you to funnel your training partners and opponents into dangerous guillotine scenarios as well as provide insight on defense and counters as well, to take your understanding of the guillotine to new levels!
Grip explanations, offensive scenarios, defensie scenarios, and even a section on Pravec’s very own “Fox Guillotine'' will make an appearance in the opening chapters of the instructional. Genius counters and more variations of the choke will close out the series on this highly specialized library of guillotine mastery!
There are few instructors in the world with Pravec’ roots and experience, making him a uniquely valuable resource when it comes to world class technique and guidance. Pravec will provide the perfect blueprints to understanding the principles of the guillotine and controlling the head in this one of a kind focused series dedicated to one of BJJ’s most important submissions!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Principles of the Guillotine Choke 
Grip Explanation 
Offensive Scenarios For Guillotines 
Defensive Scenarios For Guillotines 
Addendum to Defensive Guillotine
Part 2:
The Fox Guillotine (My Favorite) 
Fox Guillotine (RNC Grip)
Part 3:
Counters to the guillotine
Countering Their Counter
Part 4:
Variations of the Guillotine Choke 
Arm-In Guillotine Choke 
Closing Thoughts 
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