Devastating Lower Body Submission Attacks by Joe Baize


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Join BJJ lower body submission specialist, Tom DeBlass 3rd Degree Black Belt, and former ADCC Trials Champion Joe Baize for a look at some of his most relied upon leg attacks including straight style locks, multiple heel hook variations, kneebars and more
While others play checkers, Joe Baize plays chess, funneling his opponents into some of the most dangerous leg entanglements and submissions in BJJ
No athleticism is required here as Baize reveals intelligent strategies to attack the lower half using razor sharp technique that will help you enter, secure, finish, and dominate the legs
With Devastating Lower Body Submission Attacks, you’ll receive top tier instruction from lower body submission specialist, Tom DeBlass 3rd Degree Black Belt, and Former ADCC Trials Champion Joe Baize. Baize has been a fixture on the mats for years, training with some of the best in the world and competing at high levels. He’s made incredible strides and innovations in the lower body attacking game and as an active competitor, continues to showcase his incredible abilities when it comes to his application of some of the most vicious and intelligent leg attacks in BJJ.
Baize will guide you through three packed volumes of information that will include instruction on straight style locks, multiple heel hook variations, toe holds, and knee bars all backed with phenomenal guidance from Baize himself. Baize will set you up positionally and then use trickery and technique to help you get the job done and develop a more dangerous and feared lower body attacking game!
Baize has a very calm disposition but when he steps onto the mat it's all business. An experienced veteran of grappling, Baize has trained under and with some of the best in the world, sharpening his skill sets, competing at high levels, and developing his own unique systems for dominating the lower half. This your chance to explore his strategies and extract valuable information that will help you approach the legs with more precision and confidence!
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Straight ankle lock grip 
High side heel hook 
Fat boy heel hook 
Fat boy half x heel hook 
Hand to heel heel hook 
50/50 grip 
Reverse straight ankle grip
Part 2:
Lins lock 
Reverse toe hold 
Below the knee line reverse heel hook 
Defensive straight ankle outside heel hook from 50/50
Padlock heel hook 
Half guard entry to heel hook
Cross control pad lock and knee bar
Knee blade to padlock and knee bar combo 
Knee blade to heel hook 
Knee blade to padlock
Part 3:
Half butterfly to heel hook 
Leite to outside heel hook
Leite to straight angle lock 
Deep half entry to heel hook 
Deep half waiter sweep 
Z sweep 
Deep half to knee bar 
Reverse de la riva to knee bar 
Reverse de la riva with standing opponent 
Reverse de la riva to knee bar with standing opponent 
Reverse de la riva drill 
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