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How Would YOU Like ONE Opportunity to LOOK OVER MY SHOULDER As I Coach 20 People 
(from White Belts all the way up to Black Belts)
These ‘invisible details’ in their game?
Too Much Grips and Athleticism In Your Jiu Jitsu? 
No Problem.  Learn  The Kind Of Jiu Jitsu That Works Equally As Well On The Mat and In The Street... 
Is Your Stand Up So Pathetic That You Have To Pull Guard? 
No Problem Learn the 5 principles of Jiu jitsu Combat Base for stand up (not surprisingly these 5 principles are identical when the fight hits the ground as well) 
Do Bigger, Faster, Stronger, or Younger Opponents Make You Nervous Or Pose Problems You Have Trouble Solving?  
No Problem.  Learn Rickson’s thought process on how to turn their strengths against them and make your weakness your strength
Are You Thinking You Need To “Get Stronger”?  Think again.  That’s the LAST thing you need.  Getting stronger will make your Jiu Jitsu WORSE… Guaranteed.  Learn the secrets to sensitivity and timing that virtually NOBODY is taught. 
My goal and intention for my 2016 Sub & Surf 2016 training camp was to instill in the participants the idea that Jiu-Jitsu was created as a martial art for fighting, an art that when practiced with the right intention, philosophy and concepts can allow smaller individuals to overcome larger individuals.   
Because of that I chose to focus the first 2 days on the stand up techniques of Jiu-Jitsu because almost all confrontations will start from the feet and of course our knowledge of Jiu-Jitsu has to start from there.   
For safety many schools always start from the knees and this has left a gaping hole in many people’s Jiu Jitsu skills.  I agree with safety but training Jiu Jitsu as a Martial Arts means being safe in any confrontation, including from your feet. 
This is a lost aspect that used to be a major part of Gracie Jiu JitsuI also wanted to show and explain the concepts of the open guard for fighting. Jiu Jitsu is the only Martial Art that uses the guard.  So it is very important how to manage distance and understand the elements an opponent needs to pass or hurt you and how to take those elements away.   
I also wanted to focus on a position we rarely see being taught in jiu-jitsu but can be devastatingly effective, the Scarf Hold.   By using this position I also show how to properly use weight distribution and the effects it can have on an opponent forcing them to make mistakes like tap out or give up positions or limbs they normally would not.   
Throughout the camp we talked about the ideas on why Jiu-Jitsu is the most effective art for self-defense and explained the concepts and theory of each position and how to train it with these ideas in mind. Jiu Jitsu should be simple. 
If you complicate it then stuff doesn’t work. It’s not effective. Look forward to passing on the amazing knowledge I have learned. 
And, taking your Jiu Jitsu to a new MIND BLOWING Level.
What Would Rickson Do In A Street Fight?
I Always Wondered Why Rickson Sometimes Called it STREET Defense and NOT Always Self-Defense Like Everyone Else.
But after Rickson Gracie recounts the virtually unknown details about some of his epic street and beach fights… “STREET” Defense started to make sense.  But my REAL understanding of Ricksons STREET mindset didn’t sink in until he showed it to me first hand.
His Street Defense was NOT developed on a mat or in an academy or by training for tournaments.  It stems directly from years of Life or Death Street fighting in Brazil. And, just like a PLASTIC spoon is STILL a spoon… its not the same thing as a spoon made of STAINLESS STEEL.   
Rickson’s concepts & techniques are a RADICAL DEPARTURE of what people call or teach when it comes to Self Defense. 
When I attended Rickson’s Black Belt only JJGF Self Defense certification seminar.  Rickson taught over 100 Street Defense techniques with many details that none of the other Black Belts had ever seen.
Have you ever played that kids game called “telephone”  where a line of kids passes a secret message one kid to another on down the line.  And, the last kid in line ends up with a “new” secret message that has NOTHING to do with the message that started the game.
Street Defense instruction is a lot like that.  As the information gets passed down the details and nuances that make the techniques SO EFFECTIVE get lost.
Street Defense Jiu Jitsu developed from Rickson & his family is the core of where all Vale Tudo, MMA, and Sport Jiu Jitsu emanates from.
I’m writing you today to share with you the way Rickson him self taught me to train Jiu Jitsu. 
If we were playing the “telephone” game… I’m the 2nd kid in the line, Rickson is 1st, you’re the 3rd. 
This isn’t the watered down version you heard about from the 40th kid in the line.  And, most importantly whether you’re fighting in a Gi, No Gi or Street Defense scenario… these principles & concepts WIN you the fight.
What’s the #1 criticism of Jiu Jitsu as a tool for “self” defense?  “There are lots of self defense situations you do NOT want to go to the ground. So Jiu Jitsu is limited in its self defense application.”
I’m calling BULLSHIT on that. 
After 15 years as a Hollywood Club bouncer I can say its a FACT Rickson’s street defense does NOT need to go to the ground. Jiu Jitsu is just as effective at finishing fights from the feet when called for.
I have defused 100s of Street Altercations with out needing to go to the ground.
All fights starts on the feet and you get to decide WHERE it goes from there…. IF you have the Jiu Jitsu that will hold up under those circumstances.  IF you don’t, you’re in trouble.
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