The Sport of Kings: High Performance Mindset For Grappling by Gordon Ryan


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Get insights into every aspect and phase of training and competing from 3-Time ADCC Champion and IBJJF World No-Gi Champion Gordon “The King” Ryan - INCLUDES E-BOOK
Find out how you can supercharge your training with actionable advice on how to train, compete, and live the best jiu-jitsu lifestyle possible
Hear real stories and examples from Gordon’s career on how he has developed his mind into one best suited for the most improvement
Gordon tells you how he has achieved supreme confidence, and how you can too
Maximize your results in competition with a full breakdown on warming up, your first match, game planning, and more
Know More. Win More.
Optimize Your Training and Competition Mindset and Maximize Your Results With Real, Useful Tips On The Mental Side of Grappling From The Unstoppable Gordon Ryan - INCLUDES E-BOOK
What's On This Series?
Live the jiu-jitsu lifestyle with Gordon “The King” Ryan’s guide to mental training and developing the supreme confidence of a champion on and off the mats. In this four-volume series, Gordon will take you through how you can best approach training, competing, and everything involved with Brazilian jiu-jitsu so you can see the best results for yourself.
Every mental aspect of improving on and off the mats is addressed, including preparing for days training on the mat, how to build your mental strength, tips and advice for both hobbyists and more serious competitors.
Find out the key to Gordon’s mental training and success as he explains the concept of “Supreme Confidence” and how you can build it. Armed with this important X factor, you can start to improve faster than ever as you train and compete.
Overcome adversity with a clearer purpose and goals you can achieve as Gordon explains dealing with losses, injuries, and more. This 4-volume series unlocks the mental keys you need to improve, broken down by the best no-gi grappler on Earth.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
"Training Schedule " 
Short Term Goals Versus Long Term Goals (Training) 
Short Term Goals Versus Long Term Goals (Competition)
Overconfidence Versus Underconfidence 
The Origin Of Supreme Confidence 
Always Taking The Extra Step 
Time Is Always The X Factor 
Hard work 
Physical And Mental 
"Competition Breakthrough " 
Mental Preparation And Training 
Which Academy To Choose (Hobbyists) 
Which academy to choose (Competitors) 
Choosing Your Training Partners (Hobbyists) 
Choosing Your Training Partners (Competitors)
Part 2:
How To Deal With Losing Rounds In Training (Hobbyists)
How To Deal With Losing Rounds In Training (Competitors) 
"Putting Yourself In Bad Spots " 
"Training With Lower Belts " 
Developing A Competition Game Plan 
Off The Mat Supplemental Training
Part 3:
Funding The Athletic Lifestyle 
Drilling Versus Not Drilling 
"Should You Use A Sports Psychologist "
Managing Competition Anxiety
Mindset One Month Out 
"Mindset One Week Out " 
Mindset Day Of Competition 
Tape Study 
Warmups And First Match
Part 4:
"You Either Win Or You Learn"
Dealing With Losses 
Dealing With Injuries 
"Staying Disciplined " 
Handling Off The Mat Adversities 
"Building A Routine " 
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