Darce ‘Em All by Edwin Najmi


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Darce ‘Em All by Edwin Najmi
Everyone knows Edwin Najmi for his mastery of the darce, but that’s only a part of what makes his style of execution so dangerous.
Right now is your golden opportunity to absorb his modus operandi and combine submissions like the anaconda, the arm-in guillotine, and of course the darce, into an infinite loop known as the whirlpool system.
ALL ROADS LEAD TO THE TAP — Whenever your opponent tries to escape, they only move closer and closer to losing the match. There’s no rolling the dice with Edwin’s whirlpool system. Because once it starts, the only way your opponent can stop it is to tap.
KNOW YOUR OPPONENTS’ REACTIONS BEFORE THEY DO — Discover exactly what it is your opponent needs to do to relieve pressure from the choke or mount an escape and stop them dead in their tracks.
TO MASTER THE DARCE, KNOW HOW TO ESCAPE THE DARCE — When you know how to escape, not only will you have your own get out of jail free card up your sleeve, you’ll also know how to recognize your opponent’s escape attempts and stop them long before they get started.
Kualitas HD 1080p
Format file MKV
durasi 1 jam 48 menit
Rilis November 2020
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