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Master Efficient Sweeps and Submissions that Anyone Can Learn with Grindhouse Head Instructor and Daniel Gracie Black Belt James Booth
James Booth received his black belt in just over 5 years and has competed among some of the best in the world over the course of his career, all while working a full-time job and running his own business
Learn crucial guard strategies that can be used by practitioners of any age or rank to dominate the guard exchange
Choose from multiple reversals and submission opportunities to keep your training partners and opponents guessing as you continuously attack with intelligent and effective techniques
Take an intelligent approach to the guard that works for anyone, regardless of rank or age with Full Guard Formula from James Booth.
Take an intelligent approach to the guard that works for anyone, regardless of rank or age with Full Guard Formula from James Booth. Earning his Black Belt from Daniel Gracie in just over 5 years, Booth has competed among some of the best in the world while maintaining the position of Head Instructor at Grindhouse. In this incredibly user friendly series, Booth will guide you through some of his most relied upon and effective guard strategies to help you reverse, submit, and pass with more efficiency!
So, What’s in this series?
Booth will present his info in 3-parts as you work through a library of guard related material that will include sweeps, submissions, passes, grip training, how to break posture, ideas on how to get better faster and much much more! You'll get world level instruction on techniques like the flower sweep, scissor sweep, multiple arm bar variations, triangle variations, gi chokes, kimuras, and there's even a section on how to never get finished in a gi choke again!
Booth came up quickly through the ranks and established himself as a force early in his career, competing at high levels. He’s been a beacon for many of his students at Grindhouse, providing guidance and helping them to acquire solid skills in a short amount of time. Now, Booth is here to provide you with the same formulas he’s used successfully over and over again with his own students, so that you can acquire new skills and put them to work quickly in your own training!
So, what exactly do you get?
Part 1:
My Background
Explanation Of DVD
Three Main Positions From Full Guard
Hamstring Curl To Keep Opponent On Knees
Leg Pull Down From Standing
Flower Sweep
Trouble Shooting Flower Sweep
Flower Sweep To Arm Bar
Flower Sweep To Failed Arm Bar To Triangle
Flower Sweep When They Post Leg To Block
Flower Sweep With Hamstring Curl (Works Well No Gi)
Lapel Control To Triangle
Lapel Control To Americana
Part 2:
Broken Posture Guard Review And Intro To Broken Posture Guard (Better Version Of Rubber Guard)
Multiple Submission Attacks From Broken Posture Guard
Broke Posture Guard Different Entry To Triangle
Broke Posture Guard Different Entry To Omoplata
Gi Choke From Full Guard
More Details On Collar Choke From Guard
Stop Getting Smothered From Guard Hip Bridge
Scissor Sweep to Triangle
Daniel Gracie Scissor Sweep
Bicep Grip To Arm Bar
Misdirection To Arm Bar
Expose The Back From Pulling Arm Across
Pulling Arm Across To Americana
Reverse Kimura To Triangle
Reverse Kimura To Pendulum Sweep
Part 3:
Wrist Lock In Full Guard
Guard Open With Opponent's Elbow
Wrist Hand Off MMA Variation To Guard Open
Daniel Gracie Bull Pass
Bull Pass Trouble Shooting Switching Sides 
Punch Choke
Never Get Finished In Gi Choke Again
Guard Pass Off Punch Choke
Broken Posture To Hand Trap Pass
Grip Training Rows
Grip Training Drags
Daniel Gracie Training Methodology Get Quick Fast
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