Feet To Floor Volume 2 by John Danaher


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Feet To Floor Volume 2 by John Danaher
Learn the key details to some of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s most effective throws, as Professor John Danaher shows you how to safely and reliably take down your opponents and training partners.
Use throws like the Tomoe Nage, Sumi Gaeshi, Osoto Gari, Kouchi Gari, and more for maximum results with Professor Danaher’s methods.
Get your opponents down in the most technical, strategic ways for submission grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with John’s BJJ-specific “Feet To Floor” system.
Study some of judo’s strongest throws and see how you can start adding them to your arsenal with this 8-volume mega series!
Combine your skills and start setting up grips, kuzushi, and then launch into one of these battle-tested and proven throws and foot sweeps.
Professor John Danaher is considered by many to be the greatest grappling coach in the world, with elite championship students like Gordon Ryan, Georges St. Pierre, and Garry Tonon.
Know more. Win more.
Master The Most Effective Throws and Trips like:
Tomoe Nage, Sumi Gaeshi, Osoto Gari, Kouchi Gari, For Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu With The World’s Most Sought After Coach, Professor John Danaher
What Will You Learn?
In this newest installment of Professor John Danaher’s blockbuster “Feet To Floor” series, learn how to master all of the most effective and important throws for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and start attacking your opponents and training partners with real technique and strategy from standing.
In this second installment, start learning all the keys and methods to throwing with techniques like the tomoe nage, kouchi gari, sumi gaeshi, and more. Across these eight volumes, Professor John Danaher shows each one in exact detail, showing you gripping, movement, and mechanics to getting the most leverage into every attack.
In this volume of “Feet To Floor”, these judo moves can finally be understood fully, in a more direct and useful way. Throw opponents to the floor with techniques that already work as sweeps, with tomoe nage, yoko tomoe nage, and sumi gaeshi. Keep opponents moving (and falling) with foot sweeps like the de ashi harai, kouchi gari, and sasae tsuri komi ashi. All these and more are broken into their important details for you to study with John.
Professor Danaher’s goal for the “Feet To Floor” series is to revolutionize the way jiu-jitsu practitioners see the standing position and to fit their styles to the sport. By using classic judo techniques that have high strategic value, you can supercharge your game with John’s whole new outlook on the standing position.
Most BJJ practitioners are weakest in the standing position because they don’t have the knowledge or time to improve these positions, but every fight starts on the feet and you must have some skill there. Now, you can learn from the most sought after coach in the world as he fixes your game with the most thorough coaching possible.
So, What Exactly Do You Get?
Part 1:
Introduction to Feet to Floor Volume 2 
A Simplified Theory Of Gripping
Tomoe Nage 
Why Tomoe Nage Is The Ideal Takedown For Jiu Jitsu
The Central Problem Of Tomoe Nage
Tomoe Nage Comes In Two Forms
The Mechanics Of Side (Yoko) Tomoe Nage 
Placement Of The Foot Of The Throwing Leg
Creating The Hollow Body
A Specialized Head Position For Yoko Tomoe Nage 
Footwork For Tomoe Nage 
The Falling Step 
The Burst Step 
The Cross Step 
The Single Most Important Grip For Yoko Tomoe Nage 
The Special Case Of Kenka-Yotsu Side Tomoe Nage
Part 2:
Alternate Grips For Yoko Tomoe Nage
Overwrap Grip 
Side Step Tomoe Nage 
Double Tricep Grip
An Excellent Alternative Kenka-Yotsu Grip: Tricep And Cuff 
Cross Body Finishes For Tomoe Nage 
Turning Failure With Tomoe Nage Into Success
Two Stage Tomoe Nage
Part 3:
Front Tomoe Nage
Understanding The Mechanics Of Front Tomoe Nage 
The Sumi Gaeshi Hybrid 
Opening Elbows And Closing Elbows
The Backwards Shuffle 
Tomoe Nage: Landing On Top For Jiu Jitsu
Sumi Gaeshi
Why Sumi Gaeshi Is The BestThrow For Jiu Jitsu
The Three Major Forms Of Sumi Gaeshi
Side (Yoko) Sumi Gaeshi
Front Sumi Gaeshi 
Landing On Top With Front Sumi Gaeshi
Butterfly Sumi Gaeshi
The Mechanics Of Sumi Gaeshi 
Directionality For Perfect Throws
Connection To The Floor With Drive Leg 
Positioning Of Elevator Hook And Knee
The Right Right Right Rule 
Sumi Gaeshi Is A Rotational Throw
Part 4:
The Most Important Variations Of Sumi Gaeshi
Arm Trap Sumi Gaeshi 
The Half Trap 
Over Back Sumi Gaeshi
Tricep And Cuff Sumi Gaeshi
The Single Biggest Problem With Sumi Gaeshi: Predictability
The Special Relationship Between Uchi Mata And Sumi Gaeshi 
Uki Waza 
Why Uki Waza Is An Excellent Throw For Jiu Jitsu
Cross Cuff And Scapula Grip/Reverse Scapula Grip Uki Waza
Arm Trap Uki Waza 
Half Trap Uki Waza
Overhook And Pant Grip Uki Waza 
Tricep And Cuff Grip Uki Waza 
Overwrap Uki Waza 
Hybrid Uki Waza
Part 5:
Kouchi Gari 
The Mechanics Of Kouchi Gari 
Sole Of The Foot 
The Ideal Arm Action For Kouchi
Split The Legs And Pull 
Sweeping A Foot vs Blocking A Foot 
Committing Body Weight 
Back Step And Side Step For Kouchi Gari 
Creating The Best Opportunities For Kouchi Gari
Kouchi Gari Ai-Yotsu Situation 
Kouchi Gari Kenka-Yotsu Situation 
Alternative Grips For Kouchi Gari 
Hand Assist Kouchi Gari 
The Immense Tactical Value Of Kouchi Gari
Kosoto Gari 
Waiting And Unweighting The Foot 
The Hook And Hop Method 
Plant And Sweep Method 
Sticky Foot Method 
Hand Assist Method
Part 6:
Big Ashi Waza
Ai-Yotsu Ouchi Gari 
Kenka-Yotsu Ouchi Gari 
Hand Assist Ouchi Gari
Cross Ankle Pick 
Knee Pick Ouchi 
Double Ouchi 
Cross Cuff Ouchi 
Osoto Gari 
Classic Osoto Gari
Weakening Our Opponent’s Defenses 
Hook And Hop 
Backstep Entry And Side Step Entry
Head Position
Part 7:
Knee Drop Osoto Gari
Sleeve Lapel 
Cross Grip And Sleeve 
Scapula And Sleeve 
Ippon Seoi Grip 
Kenka-Yotsu Osoto Gari
Osoto TvS Position 
Sasae Tsuri Komi Ashi
The Concept Of Sasae 
Mechanics Of Sasae 
Rotation With Arms 
Hips Forward Head Back 
Center Step Side Step Cross Step 
Two Directions Of Throwing 
An Easy Way To Increase Your Throwing Power
Look Where You Want Them To Land
Hopping To Finish Sasae 
Sasae Tactics 
Part 8:
Grips For Sasae
Arms Length Gripping 
One Handed Gripping 
Half Trap Grip 
Waist Gripping 
The Great Value Of The Cross Step 
De Ashi Harai 
The Basic Concept
Mechanics Of De Ashi Harai 
Applications Of De Ashi Harai 
Off The Grip 
The Pulling Man 
The Lateral Burst 
The Circular Pull 
Cross Cuff And Scapula 
A Simplified Theory Of Gripping  
Hips Forward Head Back
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