The Banana Guard Submissions System by Roberto Tozi


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Roberto Tozi is former world level competitor, 5th Degree Black Belt, and is well known for his creation of the “Tozi” or “Sao Paulo” Passing method
Explore the dangerous guard systems of this legendary BJJ player
Master a library of submissions, back takes, and counters all based off of one systematic approach to the guard
You might know 5th Degree Black Belt Roberto Tozi as the creator of the “Sao Paulo” pass but this BJJ legend has a guard game that's just as dangerous and equally as effective! In the Banana Guard Submission System, Tozi will provide you with countless attacks, transitions, and counters all based off of one simple concept to help you reorganize your guard and consistently funnel your training partners and opponents into dangerous scenarios. You'll increase your finishing rate and master new submission opportunities as you work your way through this encyclopedia of classic guard attacks put together by one of BJJ’s most respected names! 
From countless submission set-ups, to reversals, back takes, and counters, Tozi has you covered in 2 volumes of classic, effective BJJ technique. You'll work through armbar, omoplata, and triangle set-ups that Tozi has been relying on for years to submit the toughest BJJ players. Tozi will even show you how to counter his own creation, demonstrating multiple answers to the Sao Paulo pass, and he’ll even provide instruction on attacking the lower body as well!
Tozi has been a respected name in the BJJ community for years and has decades of experience under his belt. Take this rare opportunity to learn firsthand from a BJJ legend and beef up your arsenal with timeless techniques that will bring tremendous value to your ability to fight off your back!
Part 1:
Banana Guard Fundamentals 
Fundamentals 2 
Triangle Using The Lapel 
Omoplata Using The Lapel 
Reverse Triangle 
Holding The Head 
Banana Guard To Armbar
Banana Guard To Russian Lock 
Banana Guard To Full Mount 
Banana Guard To Back Take 
Back Take With Cross Face 
Shoulder Crouch
Part 2:
Chicken Wing To Triangle
Chicken Wing To Armbar 
Chicken Wing To Kimura 
Original Tozi Pass Defense To The Mount
Straight Arm Lock 
Leg Lock 
Foot Lock 
Calf Slice 
Leg Drag Defense To Foot Attack
Banana Guard When Opponent Passes
Loop Choke 
Butterfly Sweep
Butterfly Sweep Variation 
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