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The Anchor Guard is an adaptation to the open guard that is easy to transition to and opens up ample opportunities of attack.
Compliment the Anchor Guard with the Bear Trap to develop a hard to stop position that you can consistently get to.
Anchor Guard allows immense control over your opponent while simultaneously providing opportunities to sweep or submit them.
Shutdown the guard pass with effective grips that allow you to control posture and equal the playing field against larger opponents.
Make your Jiu-Jitsu Fight Functional with Chad Lyman’s well-rounded approach to the Guard.
Chad Lyman Brings You The Anchor Guard, An Innovative Guard That Allows You To Layer On The Attacks While Shutting Down Passing Attempts.
In this 3-part instructional Chad Lyman gives you an inside look at the Anchor Guard! This innovative position allows a clear path of attack ANYTIME you are in an open guard situation. Chad brings a no nonsense approach to teaching that grapplers of all levels can use to sharpen their game. As head BJJ Coach at Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas, Chad has a unique experience that will help you develop a decisive gameplan when it comes to attacking from open guard.
Using complex setups that you can’t consistently use on the mat is a surefire way to get your guard passed. Avoiding these overly complex setups can help you develop a go-to guard that you can use time and time again. This is where Chad Lyman’s Anchor Guard shines!
The Anchor Guard initially resembles an armdrag, where it differs is how Chad modifies the position to use your bodyweight like an anchor against your opponent. This gives you great control over their posture while at the same time providing numerous opportunities to attack.The Anchor Guard goes hand in hand with another Lyman approved technique which is aptly named the Bear Trap! The Bear Trap Overhook allows you to fully sinche the Anchor Guard into the optimal position.
Lyman provides clear cut pathways to obtaining the Anchor Guard time and time again. This allows you to spend a lot of time fine tuning your Anchor Guard/Bear Trap assault. Part 2 and 3 of the series goes over a dozen tactics to use against your opponent ranging from sweeps, backtakes, and submissions. Check out the complete technique list from The Anchor Guard below!
Part 1:
Intro to Anchor Guard Series
Fundamentals & Concepts For Success 
Anchor to a Bear Trap 
Key detail in setting the Anchor and Bear Trap
Anchor to a Bear Trap to a Butterfly/Flower Sweep
Anchor to a Bear Trap to The Back 
Anchor to a Bear Trap to a Triangle
Anchor to a Bear Trap - Wrist Weave
Part 2:
Anchor to a Bear Trap to a Traditional Butterfly Sweep 
Anchor to a Bear Trap to a to a cross cuff grip system
Anchor to a Bear Trap to a farside underhook 
Butterfly Sweep to the Bear Trap 
Anchor to a Bear Trap to a Cross Collar Choke/Sweep
Anchor to a Bear Trap to an RNC Grip Butterfly Sweep 
Countering The Outside Arm
Part 3:
Into to Closed Guard Anchor Series
Key Concepts 
Closed Guard Anchor to a Pocket Grip Arm Bar 
Closed Guard Anchor To a Flower Sweep 
Intro to Lasso/Leg Anchor 
Anchor to a Bear Trap to a cross cuff leg anchor system 
Leg Anchor to attacks on our partners head 
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